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Wine Storage Coolers - More Popular Than Ever

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2008-06-03 05:39:33     
Article by Kris Dugan

Recently it seems like wine coolers are flooding market. Everywhere you turn you see a different brand or model. Everything for the very basic, that just cool, to the more impressive models, that have all the bells and whistles. However, you may be wondering why coolers are a must have.

The answer to this question is both very simple and very complex. Wine coolers keep your vino chilled to the perfect temperature. Depending on the model you purchase you may even have a dual fridge, one side for red and one for white. While this is the primary feature, most of which do so much more. Even the most basic model at the very least, double as storage.

Depending on how large of an enthusiast you are will determine what model is best for you. If you only enjoy wine on occasion but would like to have a cooler to keep it perfectly chilled and ready then a basic model is probably best for you. You can pick up a small unit that holds 6-8 bottles for around $100. These are very nifty as they fit in most places and almost all of them now come with digital controls.

If you are a little more seasoned drinker and like to enjoy a nice bottle a little more often then a mid range unit will probably fit your needs perfectly. These units hold anywhere from 20-50 bottles and ranges in price from $200-$500. Their features can include everything from thermoelectric technology to digital touch glass controls.

If you find that chilling 50 bottles at one time is just not enough room, consider purchasing a free standing cellar/cooler. These units store can anywhere from 100-500 bottles and varies in price from $600 to over $10,000. If you don't need a large cellar, I suggest sticking to one to the smaller units.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a cooler is its appearance. Most of them are free standing so you can store them anywhere, however you may want to wine cooler to accent your décor. Be sure to choose wisely and pick something that will work well with your existing furniture or appliances. If you are considering remodelling your kitchen, think about having a cool built in. They are not only great for resale but you can also get it to match your appliances perfectly.
No matter how often you enjoy wine, having a cooler is a must. They are very affordable and will go nicely in any home.

My name is Kris Dugan and I love wine. My father used to have a big wine cellar and once a year we went to the wineries and helped with the creation of wine. Today beside drinking wine and owning an amazing home wine cellar i also write for my favorite wine site Wine of Wisdom.

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