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             22 January, 2021

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Blue Palo Verde Grilling Spices - Will They Spice Up Your Summer Barbeque?

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2008-06-03 05:39:12     
Article by Elaine Halliday

If you are like me, menu planning for the family has evolved into a fairly predictable regimen, using the same cuts of meat, chicken or fish and a trusted collection of tried and true recipes. Meals are comfortable, reliable and well, let's face it, sometimes a little boring! With summer approaching and cooking moving outdoors, you may be looking for new ways to spice up the burgers, chicken or fish coming off your grill. Grilling spices are a fast and easy way to add some pizzazz to your grilling, and let you experiment with new flavors that are subtle yet noticeable.

I recently came across a small, Arizona-based spice company, Blue Palo Verde. Blue Palo Verde, the Arizona state tree, is a fitting name for this company that hopes to bring a little bit of Arizona sunshine into each of its custom spice blends. Their motto is "Make Your Grilling Thrilling" and I can tell you their spices do just that!

I was traveling this past Christmas and needed some small gifts that would travel well for friends and family that enjoy cooking and are looking for something a little different. I bought two of Blue Palo Verde's Sets (a full-size of each of their blends), gave one to a friend and ended up keeping the other set. I think I intended to gift the second set, but one night, at a loss for "what to make for dinner", opened up the Sedona blend named for one of the loveliest places on Earth, Sedona, Arizona. With a high note of paprika and hints of cumin, Sedona was just perfect for warming up a winter's meal.

Curious, I opened up the remaining blends. Each has a decidedly Arizona name and indicates the pairings that are best for that particular blend. Below are the different blends and my initial impressions when I first sampled them:

Javelina: also with a paprika high note, however in this blend a sweeter combination than the Sedona with hints of sugar and probably good for ribs, brisket or other "sauced-up" barbeque items.

Ocotillo: a very subtle and complex blend with more of a herb scent to it. I couldn't quite place the aroma, but then I looked at the ingredients and discovered oregano and thyme as key to this combination

Prescott: This blend is quite unique. It has a distinctive curry presence but made very subtle with some other spices. It seems a little like an Indian combination, but again with a twist. I actually was reminded of the spices that make up chai tea.

Scorpion: This is Blue Palo Verde's southwestern answer to jerk seasoning and even has the trademark allspice included. Scorpion is great when you want the flavor intensity of jerk but don't have the time to pull together all of the different spices needed for it. It also gives the flavor intensity of jerk but allows you to make the "heat" portion optional.

Chaparral: A cinnamon based blend, Chaparral is a family favorite for meatballs, sort of Stockholm meets Tucson!

After experimenting with the different spices, I did a little more research on the company and found out that each spice combination is a custom blend created by one of the owners. All are low in salt or salt-free. Also, these spices last--I mean really last. All of mine have been open for almost six months and I have not noticed an deterioration of the spices' intensity. I am glad that I found Blue Palo Verde spices. They are delicious, fresh, unique and most of all, they have done all of the work for me. Instead of having to pull out and measure six or seven spice jars to "zing' up the dinner, I just grab one jar, sprinkle and go!

Blue Palo Verde spices are not available in stores but can be ordered through their website. They also offer a newsletter that includes recipes that highlight one of the spice combinations.

To find out more about Blue Palo Verde and their unique spice combinations, please visit, http://www.bluepaloverde.com

Elaine Halliday is director of Six Sigma Living, a division of Kiwi Development Solutions, LLP as well as an avid foodie and working mom who enjoys finding new and interesting ways to make meals fast, delicious and fun.

Her business, Six Sigma Living is focused on helping solo-professionals and micro-businesses build their success from the inside out by providing consulting, coaching and training that promotes business prosperity and abundance. To find out more, please visit http://www.sixsigmaliving.com

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