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Exotic Coffees

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2008-06-01 07:25:33     
Article by Navanita Hazarika

Coffee has been recognized to be one of the favorite varieties tasted these days. This is the reason of increasing coffee bars across the globe. More people are into coffee drinking as the exotic varieties are being introduced day by day. It is also used in several desserts and varied dishes are being prepared with the best coffee. Preparing coffee with the roasted coffee seeds were once considered to be a difficult, tasty and rare form. Presently, things are made pretty easier with the roasting machine which could be purchased for home use also.

You might be thinking of the place where you get those exotic varieties. The greatest and top quality coffee is produced in Costa Rica and Guatemala. The specialty of the coffee is that these are fruity and light bodied too. Ethiopia is another place known to be as the king of Arabica coffee. The outstanding character about gourmet coffee is that these are not machine harvested; instead they are hand picked to give the greatest quality.

There are different types of coffee as they differ with their origin and the type. Each of them has their own specifications and they could be separated with the aroma and the qualities. There are several lab tests which are done to recognize the quality and quantity of these. Different factors determine whether the coffee is good or bad to buy and get roasted. The testing method of cut and dry will not result in giving the best answers always. This is because of the variety in which the entire coffee plantation stands upon.

At particular steps, you can determine the effectiveness of each. They include the significance of the age of the coffee bean, the procedure adopted at home and at the roastery and finally the need to determine about the happenings inside the cup.

The number of coffee recipes is being increasing enormously with the hike in coffee lovers. The need for variety has been stated indirectly by the people with the opening of the increased coffee bars. Espresso is one of the most preferred variants of coffee which originated in Italy and is now popular across the globe. For this, hot water is forced all across high pressure which comes out to the finely ground coffee whereby a dark, tasty and thicker coffee is made.

American Coffee also known as Caffe Americano is yet another version of Espresso which has more water when compared to Espresso. Latte is the Italian word for milk and it is made by blending one third of Espresso with two thirds of steamed milk. Both these are poured into the glass at the same time. The foam floating on the top simply adds to the taste of the drink.

Other varieties are Cappuccino, Frappaccino and many other evolving recipes which are sure to make you licking and sipping always!

Navanita is a freelancer writer who writes for fun. She is an expert in health, gardening, internet marketing and other various subjects. She works as an consultant for several content management companies.

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