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             16 January, 2021

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The Art Of Brewing A Cup Of Organic Espresso

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2008-06-01 07:25:00     
Article by Samantha Evans

Organic espresso is an alternative to regular espresso that provides excellence in taste and aroma, as well as being much healthier. The demand for organic coffee products has created a huge market for the organic coffee farmers and the coffee industry is responding to consumers. In fact, as consumers become more and more aware of the chemical processing that their coffee beans and blends are subjected to, the demand for that organic shot of espresso is bigger now than ever before.

The organic alternative

Because espresso drinkers desire a product that is high in quality and as natural as possible, thousands of new organic coffee farms have emerged. These farms are committed to a philosophy of natural production and of sustainable environmental development. Investing in organic coffee then is more than a statement of taste, it is a commitment to the environment, too.

When coffee beans are grown organically, they are grown entirely in the shade and on what are called ?shade coffee farming? plantations. In fact, this is the natural way for coffee plants to grow. Traditionally, coffee was always grown in the shade, but the increased demand for coffee has meant that large-scale companies are growing coffee faster and in the sun so as to meet the market demand.

Growing coffee in the sun brings all sorts of problems to the crop, in the form pesticides, and to the environment, in the form of pollution due to the need to use chemical pesticides. What this means in the end, is that coffee is the most chemically processed product on the market today.

The organic alternative

When a pack of espresso coffee beans is labeled ?organic,? this means that the the coffee has been grown, harvested and processed the natural way, in the shade, and with no pesticides or fertilizers.

Organic farmers worldwide must function in accordance with the strictest of guidelines when producing organic coffee for consumers.

Choosing your brand of organically grown espresso

When it comes to finding the best organically grown espresso beans you need to be confident that only products from certified organic coffee farmers can carry the term ?certified organic? on their packaging. When browsing for an organic alternative to your espresso blend be sure that the organic coffee beans you purchase from certified organic farms will always be chemical-free.

Brewing your organic cup of espresso

The process is the same when it comes to brewing organic espresso or regular espresso. Remember the grind must be fine, the water hot, and the pressure high. Brewing espresso is a ritual and an organic bean selection will inject added flavor, aroma and density to your shot of bitter-sweet Italian espresso.

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