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             01 December, 2023

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Yummy Chocolate Fountains

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2008-05-28 06:48:56     
Article by James J. Jones

You will need chocolate fountains, as well as some supplies such as food to dip in the chocolate, utensils, and the yummiest chocolates - a good variety on hand (to order) would be good so you can accommodate your customer's requests. You can rent out your chocolate fountains for about $500 per event.

Occasions people might rent a chocolate fountain are many. Weddings would be a big seller, as well as holidays, birthday parties, catered dinner parties, etc.

You could start a business renting out chocolate fountains to those interested in using these in their functions. You will have to make some initial investments in this business, consisting of mainly a number of chocolate fountains. Together with this, it is necessary to have a good variety of chocolates at hand to use in your chocolate fountain. You could also cater to the requests of your customers by buying and using their choice of chocolate in the chocolate fountain if required also.

When hiring out your chocolate fountains, rent them at a reasonable rate, at about $500 per function. There is no specific function that has a priority for chocolate fountains. You expect orders for chocolate fountains during holidays, birthday parties, weddings, catered dinner parties, and a host of other occasions. When hiring out your chocolate fountain, it is necessary that you either go on your own to handle the chocolate fountain or send an attendant.

You or the attendant has to set up the fountain at the site of the function. Then you have to show the guests how to use the fountain, and at the same time make sure that everything works out fine in the function. You have to take along food for dipping in chocolate. This could be anything from bananas, biscuits, cakes, and anything that works out well with chocolates. You then have to skewer the food to display them with the fountain. With this, you can create an elegant and beautiful presentation for the fountain, and its dipping items.

Once you set up yourself with this business, you will have to invest in advertisements and marketing so that people will be aware of your business. This is a relatively new business, so not many people will be aware of it. You should create flyers to display in shopping malls and in community centers. It would be better for you if you could arrange for a demonstration in a shopping mall, where shoppers would get to know of such a facility existing. You can sell, 'chocolate dipping', in the shopping mall and people will sure love it. You just have to take along some bamboo sticks for skewing, food for skewering, and some small plates or napkins to prevent the chocolate from dripping on your customers' bodies!

Once your chocolate fountain becomes famous, you are sure to get many people waiting and vying for your fountain. People will be waiting to meet you in functions and shopping centers just to eat your delicious chocolate and relive childhood passions and dreams of chocolates!

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