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             24 November, 2020

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Computer Hygiene - One Very Important Step Too Often Skipped

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2008-05-12 08:01:55     
Article by Ava Doherty

You change the oil in your car, the filter in your furnace, clean the leaves out of your gutters and the lint out of your dryer. Shouldn't it go without saying that you need to do certain things to your computer as well to keep it in shape?

Do you keep your computer clean? If you don't, it's probable that your PC is freezing, crashing, giving you errors, or it soon will be.

One step that many computer owners skip in keeping their computer clean is tidying up the Windows Registry. Have you heard of this? That's where all those little bits of information regarding everything you've ever done on your PC are held.

It's not long before your Windows Registry is cluttered with unnecessary information. Then, it starts creating errors and before you know it, your computer starts acting up.

Problems you may encounter due to a dirty Windows Registry could include: Computer Crashes, DLL and/or EXE Errors, Slow Performance, Troubles with Booting Up and/or Shutting Down, Graphics Not Appearing on Websites and/or in Email and much more. In fact, you would probably think you have a virus or some spyware on your PC.

Unfortunately, so many computer owners don't even know that they need to clean out their Windows Registry. Just like any thing else, there are certain things you need to do to keep your computer in good shape though.

Fortunately, there are programs out there which will clean up your Windows Registry for you as doing it yourself is very risky business. Even more fortunate is that those programs are pretty inexpensive. To keep your PC running smoothly, registry cleaning is simply necessary.

Once you've decided that it is time to keep your computer running error free, you'll find that there are many products out there to clean the Windows Registry. In an ideal world, all those products will be absolutely perfect too! But, they're not. Even the best products in the world can mess up in some way. Therefore, I would suggest that whatever Registry Cleaner you do choose, has a back-up/restore point built into it. This way, if the program mistakenly calls for a deletion of a necessary file, you can easily undo the deletion. Peace of mind is great!

One way or another, if you use your computer for more than just a piece of furniture for show, a dirty Windows Registry is imminent and so are errors occurring due to it. So, before your computer is beyond repair and you find yourself about to shell out the big bucks to a repair technician, take a look at a wonderful product that most people don't even know exists until they are experiencing PC havoc.

Keep your PC in Shape. It is necessary to protect your computer and keep it clean. Find out how at http://www.InShapePC.com

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