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Use Backlinks To Improve Your Internet Home Business

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2008-05-12 05:53:16     
Article by tanny

The definition of a backlink is: a link from one website pointing back to your site, so use backlinks to improve your internet home business. You need a lot of them, and the more backlinks you have the better. This article will give you an idea about how to use backlinks to improve your internet home business.

Creating a backlink to your website will help you drive more traffic to your website, those backlinks are pointing back to your website, telling potential costumers that your website has valuable information to offer.

The backlinks to your internet business also inform the search engines that your website is vital, it is important because other sites are linking back to it. The search engines will look for backlinks for your website, and the more backlinks they come across the higher score you will get and as a result you will rank higher, the higher your rank is, you will get more traffic to your website, and any internet marketer knows, you need traffic to improve your internet home business, without it, you get nothing.

So how do you get those backlinks up, here are some ways.

1 - The easy way is to submit your website to link directories. Some link directories are free, some will charge you for submitting your link and some will ask for a link back from your website to theirs. The greatest links are the one way link from high rank websites, the higher the PR (Page Rank) of the website is, the significance of the backlink is higher. Unfortunately most high PR websites won't link back to low PR websites, because it goes either way, they may pull you up, but if your PR is low, you may pull them down. So pay attention to their submission guides and maybe you will get a link back from them too.

2 - Another way to get quality backlinks to your internet home based business is to write articles. Articles, just like this one can get you a lot of backlinks if you use an article submitter program, and some quality backlinks if you submit your article manually to some of the best article directories, those directories have high PR, and they are ranked higher in the search engines, getting a link back from those directories will absolutely boost your traffic.

3 - One more way to get free and quick backlinks are forums, most of the forums today have the option of creating a signature, in the signature you can create a link to your website, blog or whatever link you want to promote. Posting in forums demands some of your time, reading the forum threads, and posting some valuable content. To get targeted traffic from forums you better post on related forums to your internet home based business.

4 - You can also get backlinks from blog, and that can be done in two different ways. The first one is from your own blog, post regularly on your own blog and create a backlink to your website, you can also create links inside your own website from one page to another. The second way to gain backlinks from blogs is to post comments on other people blogs. Read their blog and posts, and comment, make sure your comment is valuable, and adding some interest to the other readers, when asked for name use your own or better, use your keywords as anchor text, and when asked for a link use your website or an internal page from your website you want the readers to go to.

To sum it up, use backlinks to improve your internet home business, rank higher in the search engines and to drive more traffic to your site. So, get busy, get out and show yourself, no matter what you do use backlinks to improve your internet home business and it will do the job, join all the methods together and your backlinks will get higher and so is your traffic.

Go to see Internet home business ideas and opportunitiesand sign up for freeInternet home business newsletter. You will discover more ideas on how to use backlinks to improve your internet home business.

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