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             10 June, 2023

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Satellite Radio vs HD Radio - Which is Better?

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2008-05-07 04:30:37     
Article by Bob Maines

If you are pondering getting a new musical choice for your car, you may be wondering whether your better option would be to get satellite radio or HD radio. Recently coverage of HD radio has certainly expanded, promoting this new technology. At first glance it would certainly seem as though HD offers something that satellite radio never could; no subscription fee.

For consumers who have struggled with the idea of actually paying for radio programming, the idea of not having to pay a subscription fee could certainly be advantageous. If you are giving consideration to which option might be best, it is a good idea to learn something about the technologies and how they compare with each other.

First, it should be understood that HD is not high definition as it is commonly used in todays technology terms. In terms of radio, HD stands for Hybrid Digital. That said, HD does offer some advantages over standard radio signals. If your radio programming has been limited to standard radio you will find that hybrid digital certainly does offer a far better sound. Many have reported that the sound quality of HD radio is quite similar to that of a CD. Compared to standard radio, this is truly a giant leap.

In addition, it is anticipated that a variety of sub-channels could carry different digital transmissions. This means that theoretically, HD radio would give you three times as many stations as you are currently able to receive on standard radio.

Compared to standard radio, hybrid digital radio certainly offers a number of advantages. In comparison to satellite radio; however, the issue is much different. It is true that satellite radio requires a subscription fee that typically ranges between $10 and $15 per month. In addition, you will need a special satellite radio that has a built-in tuner. The costs for start-up equipment can run between $150 and $300. By comparison, HD radio is free. There is no subscription fee; however, a HD tuner and receiver will run you between $100 and $200 to get started.

The main advantage of satellite over HD radio is the amount and quality of coverage that you receive. You could literally drive from one end of the continent to the other and listen to the same program without any interruption the entire trip with satellite radio. It even has more specialized stations available. You can choose from a wider variety of sports and comedy as well as entertainment channels.

If you are somewhat choosy about the selections that are available to you, satellite radio is often the best choice. You can choose from either XM or Sirius currently and if the anticipated merger goes through later in the year, you can have the advantage of the programming offered by both companies.

Bob Maines is a satellite radio specialist with several years of experience selling and installing SIRIUS

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