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Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Scam - Is Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Really A Scam?

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2008-05-05 04:42:39     
Article by Jeremy Kelsall

There has been a ton of talk lately about being able to do a free reverse cell phone lookup. But, Is this a scam?

Everywhere you look, you will see links here and there to have a lookup on a cell phone done for free. Yet, when you go to the site, after doing the initial search and finding out weather or not the number is in their database or not, they always ask you to pay for the results. To me this is far from free! The big question that everyone has been asking is, is this some sort of scam or something?

From everything that I have seen to date, doing a free reverse search on a cell phone is for the most part a scam. I mean sure, there are ways to trace cell phone numbers online. You can use a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN to get the information that you need but, the chances of using them successfully to trace a cell phone number is pretty slim. This is because, the number will not be contained in the search engine results unless the cellular phone owner has entered the number somewhere on line.

The big scam part of all of this is, when I click on a link that says that something is free, I expect it to be free. What is so hard to understand about that?

There are ways to do a reverse cell phone lookup online by using a reverse phone directory. This however, does come with a fee. The fee however, is often small and nature and does actually give you the results that it promises. You will get the owner of the numbers name, address, billing company, and other information that is specific to the cellular phone numbers owner.

Sadly, a free reverse cell phone lookup is currently not available. Anyone telling you any different is doing nothing short of lying to you in an attempt to drag you to a website, have you enter the infomation you are searching for, and in the end try to charge you a fee. So, when trying to trace cell numbers why not just save yourself some time and jump right to gthe method that is guaranteed to work?

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