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             14 May, 2021

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The Four Broadband Baddies To Watch Out For

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2008-05-03 03:56:54     
Article by Karl Bantleman

There are four common problems that customers have during and after the broadband buying process. Here is a rundown on the four so hopefully you will not come a cropper to them.

The first and most common problem is the set up fee. Also known as the installation or connection fee, and is the amount the broadband provider charges you for the activation of the service. The fee varies but can be significant on occasion, £30 is often the charge but the annoying thing is there is minimal effort and work required by the provider but it's a fee that is hard to avoid. Not all providers charge a set-up fee so make sure you understand what you are signing up to before you put pen to paper.

The next problem that people find is the rising monthly fee which common amongst some providers. A deal looks to be cheap but after a certain period of time (normally 3 months) the fee can double or even triple. This happens often so make sure you budget this into the fees.

There are cheap broadband deals appearing all the time and sometimes customers want to switch. However, the cancellation fee can outweigh the savings you can make by switching providers. Some providers will have a set fee for cancelling your contract whereas some companies will require you to pay out the rest of your company; this could mean you might lose hundreds of pounds.

The fourth and final point to be aware of is the one that angers customers the most. When you sign up for a broadband package, you expect everything needed to hook up to the internet will be included. This unfortunately is not the case with every provider. A router is the most common omission from a deal and can cost up to £50, this shows that you need to check what the deal includes so you know what will need to be spent before everything is set up.

To conclude, calculate the total cost of setting up a broadband package before selecting the best one for you. Check the speed you are entitled to by taking the broadband speed test so you know what the minimum speed can expect.

The broadband speed test gives you an indication of how fast your broadband service is likely to be. Shop online for the best deals on cheap broadband and start experiencing a faster and higher quality internet.

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