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Trade Show Displays - Styles to Choose for Enhancing Business Image

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2008-04-30 06:13:21     
Article by Mike Gandy

It is no longer enough to show up at a trade show with samples of a product. Consumers expect a professional atmosphere. Trade show displays have become quite sophisticated. There are several styles of trade show displays to choose.

1. Table top displays. Today's tabletop displays are more streamlined and visually interesting than the old way of presenting information on a small surface. Table top displays come in different designs. Some are three-panel displays with graphics that Velcro into place. Some are smaller versions of pop up displays.

2. Banner stands. For small trade show exhibits, a banner stand may be all that is required. A banner stand is a frame that can hold a graphically designed banner in place. The graphics on the banner can tell the story of a company or the attributes of a product. Banners are good to use in trade show booths even if they are used as a part of a larger trade show display.

3. Portable trade show displays. There are trade show displays specifically made with portability in mind. The panels are easy to put together, many of them without even using any tools. They can be made with interchangeable parts, which give them a custom designed look. They can be shipped easily and inexpensively.

4. Pop up displays. These displays work well in trade show booths. They are made in such a way that a person can easily pull one into a trade show exhibit area and set up in a few minutes. The display is simply popped up and the graphics are put in place. There may be lighting as a part of the display, and the case may convert into a podium. Pop up displays can be table top displays and are always portable.

5. Backlit displays. Any type of display that can be set up with back-lighting will be more appealing to exhibit-goers. The light not only draws attention to the display. It also brightens the colors of the graphics and emphasizes the information given on the display. Backlit displays come in all the different models of trade show displays.

6. Modular displays. As one might assume from the name, modular displays are made up of many different parts. There might be banner walls, computer stations, and plenty of counter space. With modular displays, trade show exhibits can be arranged to suit the changing needs of the businessperson.

7. Custom displays. When trade show exhibits are seen as important investments in a business, custom displays are often used. These displays can be as elaborate as desired. They can incorporate as many design features as can effectively get the sales points across to the customers. Custom designed booths have a contemporary showroom appeal with large graphics and décor. Many are self-contained within the trade show.

There are many choices in trade show displays. Some of them are small and compact, while others are more sophisticated in design. The only way to determine which to buy for trade show exhibits is to look at the budget considerations and the needs of the company.

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