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             27 November, 2020

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Bonus Super Success Secret - Bumping For Big Bucks

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2008-04-27 05:15:17     
Article by Stan Billue


Mega-Buck Income Sales Pros are the elite, that very special group that comprise the top 5% of all Salespeople in the World. They produce 95% of the Sales that are made and enjoy a level of income and a lifestyle that most people would love to achieve.

The good news is that since Selling is a learned skill, virtually anyone has the potential to become a Super Star. Common sense dictates that the quickest and easiest way to become a Mega-Buck Income producer is to simply search them out and then emulate them. Talk like they talk, perform like they perform, use the very same words and phrases they use, copy their attitude and mind set, or in other words become a chameleon. For the last 30 years I've had the privilege of studying these Icons of the Sales Industry. I've brain-picked them and yes even trained many of them. In fact, I enjoy the reputation of personally training more 6 and 7 figures a year Mega-Buck Income earners than any other Trainer.

During my 3 decades of research I learned that these Super Stars share many certain traits, habits, and even Skills. The majority of them utilize most if not all of the Super Success Secrets, which are part of this Series of 10 Articles. I will also share with you that I personally used all 10 of these Secrets to double my own personal Income each year for 5 consecutive years, before I became a professional Speaker and Trainer. If we've already met you probably know that I love to say; "no matter where you start, the fourth and fifth year get real exciting".

As you start reading you'll quickly discover these Super Success Secrets are a combination of transferable Skills and Techniques along with the Attitude and Mind Set needed to become a Legend in your Industry. If you have at least a basic working knowledge of Sales Skills and a burning desire to become great, any one these Super Success Secrets will increase your effectiveness, your Closing ratio, and yes your Income, by 20 to 400%, within weeks and even days.

Although some of these were originally developed and perfected by the top Phone Pros in the World, please rest assured that they also work with face-to-face Selling. I urge you to start by picking just One of the Ten and then implement it as often as possible, each day for the next week. Then the following week pick out another point and concentrate on that each day along with the one(s) from the previous week(s).

Within 10 weeks, you'll be at or near the top of the Mountain, you'll be setting Sales Records, you'll be the envy of your Peers, plus you'll need a Brinks Truck to back up to the door each Pay Day.

I encourage you to pay particular attention to the Bonus Article I've written called "Bumping for Big Bucks". If you're selling an Investment where your Prospect can start with a variable amount of money, you will increase your Order size and your commissions, by 20 to 50% OVERNIGHT by adding this Technique to your arsenal.

"If you'll work at Selling for the next 5 years like most people WON'T, you'll be able to live your Life like most people CAN'T."


Here's a few incredible techniques for Qualifying for Money. The first is called the Disappointed Technique. There are many variations on my Audio Series, however here's the easiest because it's only one word. You would say; "If this sounds like the type of opportunity you've been looking for and feels comfortable to you, what amount of liquid and available dollars would you consider setting aside as far as your initial position?"

Whatever amount they mention, you simply say; "Oooooh".

A majority of the time they will come back with something like; "Why, do I need more?" which gives you the right to talk about a larger amount.

Finally, this next one I learned from a Super Star making One Million Dollars a year PLUS in commissions. He would use the exact phrase in the above paragraph and when they respond with a figure, he then says: "Up to?"

When they give him the next figure, he now says; "And no more then?"

The odds are that you've just bumped them by 20 to 50%.

As powerful as this technique is, I added one more choice of words, which is; "And if you really got excited about it, what's the max you would consider?" Hello, did the light bulb just go off?

If you only learn to BUMP EVERY TIME MONEY IS MENTIONED, you will become successful and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

Stan Billue, CSP has been called the most Ripped Off, Respected and Referred-to Sales Trainer alive. He has built a 30 year reputation as a recognized expert in Sales Training, Telemarketing, Motivation, Mentoring, Marketing and Copy Writing. Stan has taught more 6 and 7 figure a year Income earning Mega-Buck Sales Pros than any other Trainer and his power-packed Audio and Video programs are sold in over 40 Countries. You can Subscribe to his Free Monthly Newsletter at http://www.stanbillue.com

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