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Resume Writing in the Computer Age

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2008-04-22 05:41:52     
Article by Mike Woods

In this modern age of computers, resume writing had never been faster and more efficient. Gone were the days when you had to go to the post office to mail an application. All you ever do is sit in your computer, upload your resume using the employer's web site or send your resume to them by email. Nowadays, sending your resume by mail or fax has virtually become non-existent as most employers now opt to use programs to scan submitted resumes to determine whether you are a match for an available position. Still, resume print-outs are needed during interviews making it absolutely necessary that the emailed format and print-out are presentable. More people are familiar with the conventional resume format, but when it comes to using electronic resumes are at a loss.

Resume Writing Tips When Sending by Email

1. Save a text file of your submitted resume (.txt extension). Nowadays, more and more employers are requiring that you submit a resume in a text file format. This enables their computer program and software to sift through hundreds of resumes looking for certain keywords that indicate your suitability to a role. Dedicate some time in formatting your resume correctly and watch out for bad spacing and improper text alignment.

2. Stick to employer's instructions. If they want your resume to be included as part of the email then follow it. Don't try to be creative and send it as an attachment. This reflects poorly on your ability to follow instructions. You can simply copy and paste the resume text file that you saved earlier in the email. Be sure to check for any errors in formats and styles. As a general rule, keep it simple. Avoid over-formatting as it may be received differently at the employer's end when their email program is different from yours.

3. Test that your resume is correctly formatted by sending the email to some of your friends or family. Ask them if they received it properly and if there were no messed up items. Some programs behave differently from others and may tend to display your email as such. This helps you to sort out a few problems before finally sending your resume to the employer.

4. Include a cover letter with your resume even if you are sending it in the body of your email. This gives the employer a brief introduction on your key skills and competencies that are required for the role and which can give you a distinct advantage from the rest. Ensure that your cover letter creates a genuine interest from the employer and encourage him to read on with your resume.

Fact: Most resumes end up in the trash before spending any useful time in the employer's hand. Don't let yours end up with the same fate. Learn how to write a resume that works and how your cover letter can play a part in finally getting that interview.

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