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Mix Up Your Seminar Marketing with Direct Mail

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2008-04-20 03:47:45     
Article by Jenny Hamby

Seminar promoters love email marketing. And why not? It's cheap, it's easy, and it's fast. You can wake up one morning and within an hour have a promotional offer whizzing its way through cyberspace to your prospective customers ... and if everything works as planned, you'll start counting orders before the end of the day.

But email isn't without its flaws.

Hypervigilant spam filters intercept messages sent to people who have requested your communication.

Busy servers and network errors make it impossible to deliver messages to chunks of your database. (On one recent email campaign, 19.7% of my messages were undeliverable because of technical errors out of my control.)

Prospects fly through their inboxes with a trigger finger, deleting your messages before they even have a chance to fully grasp the subject line.

The bad news is ... as more businesses use email to promote their products and services, the problem will just get worse.

That's why it makes sense to incorporate direct mail into your marketing mix. Direct mail stands out, especially if most (or all) of your communication with your list takes place online. And for many people, direct mail makes your company "real" to them.

Case in point: I sent a direct mail promotion to a portion of my list last week. Not only has it spurred sign-ups for a teleseminar I'm hosting, I've even been receiving complimentary emails from recipients who wanted to let me know how much they like the piece. (Thanks again for the feedback!)

Direct mail helps protect your company in two ways. The more promotional tools you use to promote your seminars, the more likely you are to find the tool that any one prospect will respond to. (While some people are highly responsive to email campaigns, others will never respond, no matter what.) End result -- you get more registrations.

Plus, the more tools you use to promote your seminars, the less you'll be affected if one of those tools suddenly becomes unusable.

So, get those direct mail pieces ready to throw into the mix. You'll be happy with the results.

Jenny Hamby is a Certified Guerrilla Marketer and direct- response copywriter who helps speakers, coaches and consultants fill seminar seats and make more money from their own seminars and workshops. Her on- and offline direct marketing campaigns have netted response rates as high as 84 percent -- on budgets as small as $125. For more free seminar marketing secrets, visit http://www.SeminarPromotionTips.com

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URL: http://www.howtomarketseminars.com
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