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             13 May, 2021

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When Your Customer Makes A Mistake, Be A Hero

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2008-04-15 05:40:33     
Article by Mike Bova

Although we try our best to not make mistakes, mistakes happen. We're human, it's inevitable. Some mistakes are yours (and yours alone), some are the fault of the company you work for, but some (my personal favorites) mistakes are made by your customers. When mistakes happen, you need to make things right no matter whose fault it is. I am under the personal conviction that things can always be made right. You should be more than fair. You need to go above and beyond the call of duty. This is your time to be the hero! I want to focus on what to do when your customer makes a mistake.

When your customer makes a mistake, they will feel badly. Many, maybe even all your competitors, will not do anything for your customer. You on the other hand, should do something for your customer. Do you want to know why? Because! Because without customers, you wouldn't have a business. Because the customer is always right. Because you should put your customers ahead of yourself and your business (within reason). Because you genuinely care your customer. Because you will do everything in your power to make your customers succeed. Because losing customers will put you out of business. Because satisfying customers will make them happy, and happy customers love to spread around good word of mouth. And, just because!

The initial sale will get a customer to do business with you, but only exceptional customer service will keep them doing business with you. I truly believe most accounts that are lost by "attrition", are a result of bad customer service. Yes, customers die, move, go out of business etc., but most accounts are lost because the customer is unhappy. Set yourself apart by giving exceptional customer service. If you do, I can pretty much guarantee your attrition will decrease.

Mike Bova is the Madison County Advertising Director & Business Columnist for Eagle Newspapers in Syracuse, NY. Mike owns several websites including http://www.upstateshopping.com The Upstate New York Shopping And Business Directory. Mike has spoken in front of many business groups, shattered a lot of sales records, conducted several sales training seminars and trains corporate sales staffs how to sell more. Mike is launching his own site soon.

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