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             09 June, 2023

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How Important Are Logos Any Way?

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2008-04-13 06:51:29     
Article by Richard Ferdon

Logos... They have been around since one king whipped another king in battle and wanted to "advertise" who was now in charge. The method most widely used for this purpose was called a standard or as we know it, a flag. The most recognized standard was the Roman eagle.

Pirate Captains that roamed the Caribbean attacking merchant ships had their own distinct flags from Black Beard on down to Jeane La Feet. These pirates' standards when struck said "Give us what we want and we will let you live and be about our business." The flag most people did not know about, "The Crimson Flag." This flag was red , stained red with blood, the sign that no one will be breathing when they leave. You are probably saying...yeah I know all that, what has that got to do with business. Recognition. With out it no one even knows you exist. Kings used it. Look at the Cost of Arms of the King of England. Everything on it means something, right down to the colors used.

Heck, most people don' know what the job of a logo is? It is more than just pretty pictures. Recognition maybe? The two Logos most recognized in almost any country around the world, Coca cola and Pepsi. The red circle with white letters along with the saying "Things go better with" and the red and blue ball with the white stripe "It's the real thing".

What is the point in telling you all this? Choose your logo wisely. Once you have chosen a logo, there can be difficulty in changing it and still have the recognition all ready established. Pepsi, Coke, Sugar Pops and Sugar Smacks have changed logos, look at the chance taken if they had been smaller companies.

Richard J. Ferdon Retired USN, BA in Human Resources Admin.

Check out some interesting information on my blog and leave a comment on how to improve it. Thank you for reading my article.

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