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             23 May, 2022

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Beginner Quilting - Instructions For Picture Quilt Making

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2008-04-09 04:31:00     
Article by Jennifer Walter

Here in a picture quilt shall be a great way to do that. A picture quilt serves the purpose of keeping memories for us intact and later narrates them as if it were just yesterday.

Another name which picture quilts are known by is photo quilt, while the name - memory quilt is there because of the purpose and the making procedures. Kindly don't get confused when the terms photo quilt, picture quilt and memory quilt come up as they are all the same.

If I were to be asked then picture quilt of all the different types would be the one I shall like to have. Let me share a personal tale with you here, once I sat for 5 days to build a picture quilt for my granny and those 5 days were very trying.

Reason was not pain in making that design I choose but because I couldn't stop my hands while making it for her and then when I finally presented it to my grandmother she cried endlessly. These are precious things that you should make and be proud off as well.

I hope you are dreaming off the emotional talk I have made, I think you are as upbeat as I sound to craft a picture quilt so here's how


Needles and pins
Photo scanner
Sewing machine
Select the fabric or else cut portions from your old worn out clothes
Fabric paper
Cutting mat, Rotary cutter, and ruler


We should try and give more importance to the design pattern and relevance to memories while making the picture quilt. In this summary we shall learn how to craft a printed and scanned picture quilt, but there are other things you can do to make one. Having a predetermined design and theme will help you make one without confusion.

There is no limit to imaginations and if you like to be creative then making one with a marriage, family reunion or graduation theme will be the prefect way to start. The color scheme will help enhance the effect of the final product.

Carefully choose the picture and make sure it has high resolution so that the photo does not get lost in the beautiful shades of the picture quilt. Generally the square should be 6 X 12". Pick the photos and cut them in the shape you'd like them to be placed on the quilt.

Place the photos in a way as to match your pattern of quilt. Then cut the fabric in the same size (printed or printed). Now place the photo and the fabric on a plain board. Ensure that the photos are of high resolution and fabric material is ironed as well as cut into shape.

Now follow the steps that you would do for a normal quilt making - batting, piecing, quilting and in the end binding. What you have in hand is that ultimate and unforgettable picture quilt ready to hold your find memories.

Discover free how to make YoYo quilt instructions and beginner quilters quilting guide at http://www.quilthowto.com, written by experienced crafter, Jennifer Walter.

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