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             16 May, 2021

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The Spanish Contribution to the Eurovision Songfestival

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2008-04-07 07:53:45     
Article by Hans Bool

When you live in a foreign country you need time to understand the culture. If you focus on the humor part of the culture you can come up with many differences easily. Not only the content part of humor can be different but also the form; what was popular in one culture can become popular in another but many years after. This is like paintings: some countries have shifted their focus to a new modernist style while others still prefer the classical form.

In Spain I've sensed changes in the area of humor. The humor that is broadcasted by television is changing since the last four years. Four years ago I found the humor "old fashioned," now there are many forms that could possible fit in my original culture, although it would never be exactly the same.

The product of humor is in most cases not feasible to export and that is because humor is normally bound to language. If you do not understand the language you do not understand the humor.

Humor mixed with or disguised by music is more likely to be an export product. This years contribution of Spain will tell to what extent this is true. Chiquilicuatro is the artist that will perform for Spain. It is the first time that such a humorours act is offered by Spain. There was some consternation about this contribution, but in the selections to eurovisión Chiquilicuatro won clearly.

Another problem with humor is that you cannot easily reproduce it. Chiquilicuatro is something you have to watch for yourself: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=74mBEXL9UgM&feature=related

It is humor that is easy to appriciate. And I think it is new for a country and culture like that of Spain.

"Chicquilicuatro" means something like "Mr. nobody." It is a welcome contribution to a serious event like that of the eurovisión songfestival.

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