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How To Write More Articles Quickly And Easily To Increase Your Business And Build Visibility Online

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2008-03-31 04:22:54     
Article by Connie Ragen Green

You can write and submit articles quickly by learning how to systemize your writing process. Here are some ideas on how to get your ideas turned into articles so that you can write more quickly and efficiently, while still getting your message across.

-Keep a list of the important ideas you intend to write about in your articles. These ideas can be anything you want to convey to your audience.

-Make a list of 7 points that you will cover in each article. Seven is a good number because it gives you enough room to make your point, while keeping your article to three hundred words or less.

-Write a strong introductory paragraph that tells the reader what you will be teaching or explaining in your article. This is so they will know what to expect after reading your article.

-As you list each of your 7 points, make sure you give a few sentences that describe and explain why that point is relevant to the topic of your article.

-Conclude your article with a paragraph that leaves the reader wanting just a little bit more. This is called a soft ending, and is typical of articles that do well online.

-In your article summary, ask the reader a question that will make them want to read your article.

-In your resource box, include a link to your website or blog, and give the reader a good reason to want to visit you after reading your article.

Using this format will enable you to write more articles quickly and easily so that you can get your name known and increase your business.

And now I invite you to download two free article writing templates by visiting http://www.WriteArticlesWithJeffHerring.com to start writing more articles right away.

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URL: http://www.writearticleswithjeffherring.com
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