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Your Copywriting Business - What Services Will You Offer?

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2008-03-31 04:22:40     
Article by Angela Booth

Whether you're new to setting up a copywriting services business, or are an established copywriter, there are many services you can offer. In this article, we'll look at just seven of them.

Copywriters usually offer two or three of these services, although many just offer one: copywriting.

Let's look at the seven:

1. Copywriting Only - you just write copy

A "copywriting only" copywriter offers just one service: writing. He often has a subcontractor relationship with one or more advertising or graphics' design agencies. Design and marketing decisions on projects are made by someone else.

You can develop a lucrative career as a Copywriting Only copywriter, but you will often face time pressures when several clients simultaneously demand copy.

Unfortunately there's no way around these "I need it in 48 hours" demands: you'll be brought in late in a project's evolution (although you'll argue that you should be brought in earlier, this is ignored), so you need to be able to think and write quickly.

2. Marketing pro - you're both a copywriter and marketer

As a marketing copywriter, you're a strategist. You may oversee the complete launch of a new product or service, or you may offer advice in areas like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with which agency copywriters are unfamiliar.

Marketing copywriters usually have a background in marketing, and although they're paid in line with their experience and skills, they take on fewer projects per year than straight copywriters because the projects are more complex.

3. Public Relations specialist - you're a PR spin doctor

If you enjoy Public Relations copywriting and have contacts at newspapers and magazines, you can become a PR specialist. As a PR copywriter, you're paid for your contacts - your ability to get publicity for your clients.

4. Copy makeover specialist - you critique and rewrite others' copy

Some copywriters add critiquing services to their copywriting services. You revise and revamp copy written by a business's marketing staff. This can be lucrative, but you need diplomacy for this area.

5. Project manager - you handle compete projects, sub-contracting design and marketing

As a project manager, you're a team leader. You organize complete projects, managing the marketing, the design and the copy. You'll sub-contact the work to others, overseeing the entire project, and ensuring that milestones and deadlines are met.

6. Copywriting trainer - you teach copywriting

With professional copywriters in huge demand, and charging high fees, many people want to learn copywriting. Not only do they save on copywriting expenses, but they can get projects completed faster, because they're done in-house.

Teaching copywriting is rewarding. You can offer in-person seminars and classes to corporate and other clients, or online classes.

7. Copywriting consultant - you're a strategist

As a copywriting consultant, you're a strategist. You may develop branding concepts, offer publicity campaigns for businesses or individuals, or develop programs to achieve specific results such as generating leads.

Currently Pay Per Click (PPC) copywriting consultants are doing well. As a PPC copywriting consultant, you manage PPC campaigns, researching keywords, writing landing pages, writing ads, and tracking the results. As a PPC copywriting consultant, your fees are usually a percentage of the advertising spend.

So there you have seven copywriting services you can offer your clients - enjoy your copywriting career, it has rich rewards and is satisfying too.

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