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             20 October, 2021

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The Secret To Attracting Wealth, Love, You Name It, In 2008! - It's Not Too Late!

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2008-03-29 06:34:18     
Article by Zagata Barbara

Its not too late to manifest those new years resolutions you made three months ago-in fact with the astrological new year just beginning it's a perfect time to get clear about what you want! Here are 10 powerful strategies to create less stress by using your power to manifest what you want now.

With ARIES, the first sign of the zodiac just beginning, spring is in the air; according to the natural rhythmn of things, now is the perfect time to plant your seeds. Your seeds are your intentions, your goals, your hearts desires. What would you like to manifest this year? Whatever it is, know that its not to late. It's not a matter of time; it's a matter of alignment. All wealth begins in the mind.

So take the time to align your thoughts with what you want by focusing your energy where you want it to go -

1. DON'T MAKE RESOLUTIONS Nobody ever keeps those, instead, clarify your intentions. Make a list of absolutely everything you accomplished last year then set 10 new intentions for this year.

2. CREATE A STRATEGY otherwise known as a plan of action. In advertising, campaigns are created by deciding upon your objectives, then following up with strategies to implement them.

3. BREAK YOUR STRATEGY INTO BITE SIZE PIECES You know that thing about how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time...and the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Give yourself concrete steps to take.

4. GIVE THOSE STEPS A DEADLINE Do you really want financial freedom NOW? Do you truly want to weigh less? Or are your really interested in more energy? Find an intention you can feel passionate about! What is it you want more energy for? When you plan your work and work your plan, then even when you don't feel like it, you'll look at the next step and just do it!

5. FAVORITE STRATEGY: Design your PERSONAL AD CAMPAIGN Make a little billboard that says something like 2008: Uniting permanent prosperity and radiant health! Find a headline that grabs you then personalize it for your goals!

6. CREATE A WISHLIST SCREENSAVER Ferrari's, tropical islands, 100 dollar bills, family vacations, whatever inspires you, put photos into a file so you can program your computer to continuously reinforce your dreams.

7. REWARD YOURSELF: plan a vacation for later in the year or attend a couple of weekend workshops in nice places where you can learn new strategies and meet like-minded people.

8. GATHER INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS, ARTICLES AND CD'S to keep you on track. Thoughts really do become things, so do all you can to choose good ones!

9. SYSTEMATICALLY REPLACE NEGATIVE INPUT with positive stuff that makes you feel good! If you want to create you have to be in a position of feeling good!

10. ALWAYS HAVE BACK UP! For those times you find yourself in a funk, have a CD that will turn you on. Take a hike. Take the scenic route. Find some beauty in your life and something to feel grateful for... that always helps!

If you've enjoyed these ideas I'm sure you'll enjoy my blog, http://www.stressfreepersonalfinance.typepad.com - I call it personal finance for your right brain... expand your capacity to receive, then add in the details on how to accumulate the kind of wealth that leads to financial freedom.

Want to take the shortcut to financial freedom? Subscribe to Pathway2Abundance, which teaches you to use your inner resources to exponentially multiply your outer resources so you'll always have more than enough!. Go to: http://pathway2abundance.com and sign up for the FREE newsletter now.

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