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Internet Addiction

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2008-03-29 06:31:43     
Article by Bertil Hjert

Internet has become the best source for any information under the sun these days. People prefer suiting the World Wide Web for all their important tasks from finding out an information, shopping, education, selling and even looking for a perfect match.

However, some people have developed a kind of addiction to this problem. This type of addiction is known as internet addiction.

Internet addiction is described as an impulse control disorder that does not involve use of an intoxicating drug. The addiction is quite similar to pathological gambling.

If you want to know whether a person is addicted to the internet, here are some symptoms to watch for:

• Lying to friends & family members to hide excessive involvement to the use of internet.

• Preoccupation of mind with the internet & constantly thinking of previous online activity.

• Making anticipations of the upcoming session with the internet.

• Excessive feeling of restlessness, depression, moodiness or irritability when attempting to reduce the use of internet.

• Risking close relationships, career or education for getting opportunities to using internet.

• Staying online longer than originally intended.

• Unable to control the use of internet.

There are several problems caused by internal addiction. This results in facing difficulty in maintaining relationships with people. One may also face a lot of financial problems due to spending excess time online. People tend to get large bills for using some of the services. There are extended telephone charges. People also get addicted to shopping online and spend a lot of money. This is also known as the process of compulsive spending. One may also get connected with gambling online.

Some of the frequent internet users may develop an emotional attachment to their friends online & all sorts of activities they tend to create on their computer screens. This makes them relish online relationship more than their relationship with family or friends.

Excessive use of internet can also affect one's health a lot. It is really common for people to develop poor eye sight, bad health and a lot more.

There are many things are can do to keep his or her health in good shape. One must take special care about sitting in right posture in front of the computer. Another important thing to do is to restrict the time you spend on your computer to suit the net. When sitting in front of the computer, make sure that you take deep breaths. This will improve blood circulation.

• Make sure that you eat healthy. Healthy digestion will help you keep relaxed and even help you come out of internet addiction.

• Keep exercising so that your body muscles do not get stiff or tired. This will help you feel relaxed & distress.

• Never eat in front of computer. Always take a break, walk to the shop & buy the food.

• This will keep your digestive system better.

• The electromagnetic radiation may prove really harmful. It is not good for your face & brain. You must take care of staying away from the computer.

Staying away from internet for a considerable period of time will allow you to eliminating the addiction of the World Wide Web.

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