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             03 July, 2020

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The Idea

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2008-03-18 08:54:10     
Article by Lindsay Rae

Have you ever just found yourself wanting to get away from everything? Wanting to leave everything that is going on in your life at that moment, and just go somewhere different? Where? Anywhere, it doesn't really matter, you just know that there is a lot more out there then what you've been experiencing, and something inside of you is screaming for you to just take that step into the unknown.

Yeah, well let's just say I got a major case of these so called "feelings" screaming at me about three years ago. I was 20 years old and I just felt like my life was just the same day in, day out. I was in my second year at Purdue University and just confused, about my major, about my friends, pretty much about my life in general. I needed something to get my mind off of everything. I needed an escape.

That was when I started thinking about summer job possibilities. I knew I couldn't just work anywhere. I needed a place that provided your room and board for free, and I needed something far away from Indiana. So I searched, and searched many different possibilities.

The internet has tons of possibilities for summer job opportunities. I thought about working as a waitress on a cruise ship, being a character at Disney World, I even looked into giving tours in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. None of these seemed to be what I was looking for. So I thought about things that I really enjoyed.

The first thing that came to mind was my babysitting job that I had every Tuesday and Thursday. It was something that I looked forward to every week. The little girl that I babysat for was awesome, and she always seemed to make me smile. I started thinking about job possibilities that would allow me to work with children, and then it hit me. The perfect summer job would be to work at a summer camp.

Lindsay Rae
Copyright 2008

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