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             10 August, 2022

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Grow rich

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2008-03-15 03:39:05     
Article by Igal Avraham

Through out the history of civilization this question was asked innumerable times. In the last decade the human beings reached a greater understanding regarding economic abundance. We witness it through out the industrial revolution and technological era that accompany this economical abundance.
In the last hundred years many people tried to solve the riddle of economic abundance and what actually makes an average or poor person to own a fortune and great wealth. Infinite numbers of books were written in this subject and small part became successful best sellers which helped their readers understand the unrevealed code for economic abundance and truly achieve their longing for abundance. All the successful books in this subject actually explained the same principles which by using them your reach the desired abundance. All the successful books in this subject such as "Rich dad Poor dad" of Robert Kiyosaki and even older books such as "Think and grow rich" by Napoleon Hill, explained the same principle which by acting you can reach abundance. These are simple principles of thoughts, action and relationships with people. Some of the books were complicated and only few could understand the ideas behind it and other part were simple and were attended to every one that had a desire to grow rich.
Great wealth or abundance is a product of action made by you or by people that are close to you, this fact is clear to all of us ,why we all get money for our daily jobs, but why don't we get rich from this job? , actually here is hidden one of the great secrets of wealth. This secret can not be explained in one sentence but it works according to one principle:" you can fill up a glass of water only once and only by the size of the cup and not more" .
Think for a moment about this principle and you will realize that our day jobs are not producing the wealth we want because it fills up only one glass of water. In order to increase the wealth we have to increase the capacity of the glass or fill up more glasses in order to be able to receive more water. The water is compared to money, by the moment we understand this principle and act by it though the 3 approaches for building wealth we will understand how to create abundance.

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