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             14 May, 2021

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David Tyree "Miracle in the Desert" Official Memorabilia and Collectibles

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2008-03-04 06:21:20     
Article by Bernie J. Gernay

As the official "Miracle in the Desert" merchandise has hit stores in the New York/New Jersey area it is the top seller above all other New York Giants Super Bowl XLII apparel. Ever since the infamous play has been dubbed "Miracle in the Desert", t-shirt sales of this item have been incredible.

"Miracle in the Desert" t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs, footballs, memorabilia and collectibles are selling out fast. While these items are also available online, fans want it quick and they are relying on local sports stores to have them in stock. The "Miracle in the Desert" t-shirts are by far the top seller according to local sports stores, followed by hoodies and framed photos of this epic moment. The sales of the merchandise should only increase as time passes. One of the particularly unique and popular items is a framed and matted piece which has the escape by Manning 8x10 on the left and the catch by Tyree 8x10 on the right with the engraved plate "Miracle in the Desert" along the bottom. This makes for an incredible collectible not only for any New York Giants fan, but any football fan who really wants to capture this this historic moment and game in Super Bowl history.

The "Miracle in the Desert" logo was created by well known New Jersey artist and designer Kenny Lund of Phenomenon Designs. Lund created this logo with a multitude of colors including the desert mountains and cactus' in the backround along with a silhouette of Tyree making the miraculous grab on his helmet in the middle of the sunburst with the date of February 3rd, 2008 lining the bottom.

With a catch name like this hitting the New York market there is no telling what the end result can be. It's likely 50 years from now this will be remembered and talked about during any conversation about great Super Bowl moments. The fact that it happened in the city that never sleeps makes it that much more dramatic and marketable.

Bernie Gernay is the President of PSI Marketing Group out of Ocean, NJ. You can visit them online by going to http://www.ProSportsInvestments.com

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URL: http://www.prosportsinvestments.com
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