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             26 November, 2020

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Art Activities For Kids

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2008-03-03 06:32:36     
Article by Jennie Gandhi

All children are artists, while some develop their skills to great extents others merely get past the first level. Hence it is all up to parents to encourage their children towards art.

In India art is given equal importance along with other subjects. In fact it is one of the important subjects in school with elementary tests held to classify students to the next level. But it all begins with the interest developed at a tender age. You can stir your child by bringing him or her crayons and color pencils to begin with.

Once they can handle a brush, gift them water colours and leave them free to paint what they want. Do not have any expectations from your child as it defuses their inner strength. You can sit along with your children while painting and draw a different picture altogether. So if your kid is drawing scenery, you draw human figures and use completely different colours. Do not compare their drawings with anyone it deters them for the next time. You can add some excitement to art activities for kids by taking them outdoors. Let them take in fresh air and get some fresh ideas.

Paper craft is also a great art activity. You can put up your child's creative on the walls or in the showcase, so your little one feels proud of his or her creation. This encourages them to get better and work harder. Cane is also a great weaver and can be crafted into vases, baskets and little creations. Girls can be taught knitting and crochet, soon they can get expert and earn an extra income by designing blouses, dresses and bed sheets which are always in demand. Boys too can be taught basic short and long stitch, hemming and button stitching so they can be independent when they grow up.

Building blocks and creating figures from clay are also a fun art activity. It develops the child and lets them bend the mind the way they want it. This activity also builds the logic and common sense in a child. He is able to understand what fits into what and how a basic structure should look.

Organizing art related games peps up the atmosphere for your kids. You can call in the neighborhood children and have a theme for the competition. It should be a friendly competition with no strings attached. And if you do not want to clean up the mess once it's done, then make it clear at the beginning that the children will have to be a part of the cleaning, after the competition.

Invention is the baby of new ideas and if you let your kids go wild with their thoughts, then they too get inventive. Allow them to make their own toys by using different parts of other toys. Make a dress out of a newspaper. Craft a candle or make wool friends. Have you ever thought what you can make out of jar lids. Let your kids go wild with ideas like, candle holder, spinning wheels, tops, caps and more. In fact the possibilities are endless with items that have multiple uses. So think of an item and let your kids get innovate with their art ideas.

You can teach more activities for toddlers which could further help them in team building and cultivate their hobby. Please refer the links for more details.

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