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             27 November, 2020

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How to Romance a Newsletter Marketing Audience

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2008-02-26 06:45:47     
Article by Viqi French

Dear John (and Jane) newsletter marketer,

If you're trying to direct-sell your product or service every time you send an email newsletter to your subscribers, you may be missing their sweet spot. Soft-selling is crucial. And how cozy and inviting you make the environment makes a big difference, too.

Want this relationship to last? Well, do some soul-search about your e-newsletter. Ask yourself these three questions and refine your email campaigns. You may get more hugs, love and sales by doing so.

1. Is your newsletter theme focused and to the point?

It takes too long to read a book inside one email. Be thoughtful. Just give newsletter readers the headlines and a killer lead paragraph -- and then provide a link to the entire story. It's great to have multiple story angles in the newsletter, but less info in each section is more. Make your newsletter sexy -- make it a real tease! One juicy bite is enough to draw readers in. (Think: magazine cover headlines.)

2. Is there eye-candy to keep that love letter engaging?

Break up the copy with visuals. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, use fewer real words and let images do some of the talking. An example. One of my favorite e-newsletters is from photoblogger Diana Pappas (http://dianapappas.blogspot.com). She gives subscribers a stunning photo a day -- very little else.

3. Do you ALWAYS give your subscribers something special?

If you love them, show it. Your email subscribers would be excited to receive a "VIP" discount on your services. Go ahead and offer a completely free service to the first couple of people who email you back. Or how about a link to related free ebooks? And guess what: If you provide a link to something awesome that's not on YOUR site, they'll come back to you.

In other words, email newsletter marketing is *relationship* marketing. It's a two-way street, so evaluate what more you can give in each issue. Be distinctive. Stand out further to embed your brand in their hearts.

You can start by stepping closer. Identify ways to be more considerate, user-friendly and service oriented. That's the only way to romance busy email readers these days.

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