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How to Choose a Blog Platform for Your Podcast

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2008-02-25 05:56:22     
Article by Hendry Lee

I have repeatedly recommend blog software as a podcast publishing platform. A blog is not only easy to use, but also effective in managing a web site. Search engines like blogs too.

Once you correctly setup a blog, you will be able to publish your podcast episodes and notes easily without having to worry about generating the podcast RSS feed every time you update.

How can you choose the right blog platform from the myriad numbers of choices available out there? While there is no one solution that suits all situation, this article will help you decide which blogware is appropriate for you.

Hosted blog platform may be free. The benefit is that you don't have to maintain all the technical aspects of running blog software including installing and updating to newer versions of the web application.

The drawback is such platform usually don't allow you to host all the blog posts on your own domain. This gives away branding opportunity, not to mention that you have no way to leverage the inbound links on your own domain.

Here are a few points that can help you in the decision process. I will also give suggestions so you can save time doing your own research.

1. If you want blog software that sits on your own domain, then use WordPress or Movable Type. A plug-in for these web software is necessary as of this writing. In my opinion, this is the best option if you have your own domain. This is not a problem though since you want a server to host your podcast files anyway.

2. Podcast services also have built-in podcast publishing component, which usually also uses a blog. Although you can't host your podcast and its blog on your own domain, this is better than having to maintain a separate files and hosted blog account.

3. If above solutions are not right, you can always go with a hosted blog solution like Blogger.com. Yes, you still must have a way to host your podcast files on a separate server.

For business purpose, hosting your podcast files on free media hosting services is not acceptable. Plan ahead and run with a solid strategy, as migrating your files and blog pages to another blog platform and hosting account is quite complex, especially if you consider the inbound links, feed and podcast submission, etc. and other promotional efforts you have done on your podcasts.

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