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             23 January, 2021

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SEO And Your Blog - Some Considerations Are A Must

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2008-02-25 05:56:17     
Article by Joseph Murray

I would like to share a few tips with you about SEO and your blog.

The term SEO stands for [S]earch [E]ngine [O]ptimization.

SEO may be more important on a blog that on a traditional website; however it is often taken for granted because of the fact that blogs get indexed quickly anyways. If fact, this makes using sound SEO strategies even more important.

Take a deep breath because what I'm talking about here is not an in-depth study into the finer workings of SEO. :-)

What we are really concerned with is merely a couple of the most critical areas.

#1 - Your Keywords <== single most important part of your blog.

Your main keyword tag, the one that says to Google; 'My blog is about... {main keyword}' should be used in your domain name, your main categories, your description and your title page. One word of extreme caution! Do Not Use Keyword Stuffing. This term refers to using the exact same keyword over and over. Keep the rule of thumb of 4%; meaning if you have 100 words on your title page, only use a particular keyword no more than 4 times.

Most blogs will use multiple keywords. Eg: Guitar lessons; Acoustic Guitar lessons; Guitar Tablature; etc.

When you are setting up your blog it is important to use the category function of a WordPress blog to target these keywords.

Therefore, you can have a category name for each keyword phrase and then post relevant content to that category based on the title. So if you have a category titled 'Acoustic Guitar Lessons', all the post in this category would relate to learning to

play acoustic guitar and not bass guitar.

Why are these steps important?

Google will index and rank each of your pages, posts and categories based on the same algorithm. This is why you may get a high rank for one post but never see another anywhere in searches. It is important to always consider the keywords in everything you do with your blog.

Joseph Murray

Joseph Murray is a professional online retailer working full time since April 2006. For more information on running a successful blog, please visit http://wpautoblog.com

Specialized in: Blog
URL: http://wpautoblog.com
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