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Child Safety Proofing Your Home

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2008-02-17 04:37:27     
Article by Ron B Maier

Whether you have your own toddler or have toddlers that visit occasionally there are some important things you can do to ensure a safe home environment for any little person. Approximately 2.5 million child injuries and fatal accidents occur in the home every year. Most of these could have been avoided by taking some simple measures to make the home is safe for your children.

The most common place to store household cleaners, such as ammonia or bleach, is under the bathroom or kitchen sink, but you'll need a safer place to store these hazardous materials. Children love to play in cabinets and cupboards, especially lower ones at their height. Children are also very curious so those spray bottles and bleach bottles appear to them like a new and interesting play things or something to taste. More than 90 percent of poisonings occur in homes, and more than 53 percent involve children younger than age 6. Keep cleaners and harmful solvents in hard or impossible to reach cupboards. Another option is a child proof lock on lower cabinets where you keep your cleaning supplies. Keep the poison control number on the cupboard as well as near the phone just in case an unfortunate incident should occur.

Toddlers love to climb, especially if it looks like a ladder. It's very important to secure bookshelves, dressers, and entertainment centers using brackets that screw into the studs of your walls. Furniture safety brackets are inexpensive, easy to install, and found at most hardware stores. Make sure the cords to blinds and curtains are up and out of reach. These cords are especially tempting to little ones and are high risk for choking and strangling accidents.

As soon as your little one begins learning to walk, tumble, and summersault furniture with sharp corners and sharp objects become a hazard. A lot of stores now carry foam corners that are simply placed on the corners of coffee tables, end tables, and entertainment centers. If you don't have toddlers of your own but are anticipating a visit from one a quick solution is to toss a comforter over your coffee table or just remove it temporarily from the room during a visit. Any items that could easily break into sharp pieces should be moved out of reach of little hands. Wire hangers are another safety issue. It is not uncommon to have eye or ear injuries caused by wire hangers. Replace your wire hangers with safe plastic hangers. As a general rule, if it's not a toy it shouldn't be on the floor.

Here are a few safety devices you should implement as well. Safety gates will prevent falls down stairways. Plastic doorknob covers to keep children from leaving the home or room they are in. Doorstoppers hold doors open to keep hands from getting pinched or broken in a suddenly closing door. Anti-scald devices keep water temperatures at faucets from getting too hot. Outlet plug covers can keep small fingers from getting electrocuted. Since window screens can be removed or broken easily they are not adequate to prevent falls. Window guards or netting will insure no serious falls take place

Other things you might want to watch out for are any electrical cords from televisions, stereo systems, telephones, or lamps. Bundle all extra cord length with zip ties that cannot be removed and switch to a cordless phone. Move candy dishes containing jelly beans, candies, or nuts to higher ground, as they are a potential choking hazard.

Toddlers are bound to fall down and bump into something once in a while. As you make your home safer for your toddler and their friends keep in mind that growing up is about learning and discovering new things. Make it your goal to make those discoveries as safe as possible.

About the Author: Ron Maier is the President of The Closet Hanger Factory, a leading online provider of hangers and plastic hangers. For more information, please visit http://www.closethangerfactory.com.

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