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My Network Marketing Secret For Attracting Prospects To My Business Opportunity

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2008-02-17 04:36:40     
Article by Carl Coffin

When I was a newbie in network marketing I would spend an enormous amount of time chasing prospects. I would go out in my community prospecting and giving away DVD's and Cd's that cost me $1.00-$3.00. I would also give away tons of business cards. My strategy back then was to give out as many tools as I could and get a few names and numbers. I would go up to people in small businesses and places of business and introduce myself and ask them if they were leaving their career options open. Some would say "yes". This is when I would tell them that I was working with a New York Stock Exchange company and we are currently looking for people who would like to make money from home. The prospect would usually ask what does my company do. At the time, I was working with Pre-Paid Legal Services. I would reply back to the prospect by saying "Our company helps anyone that has a legal need as well as Identity theft protection", "Do you know anyone or a have you been a victim of Identity theft?" This would peak their interest a little bit and this is when I would share my company DVD or Cd and ask them to listen to it. We would exchange contact information and I would set a time for follow up.

I did this every week, day in and day out for a year and a half.

I would end up calling these prospects back only to find out that very few of them watched the DVD or listened to the CD. This was frustrating. I would then set an appointment for a sit down presentation. Very few ever showed up to the sit down appointments.

All this time I was wasting time away from my family, and wasting gas and money on these prospects. Very few prospects actually pulled out their credit card and joined my business. At the time I did not know what I was doing wrong, my company was telling me to just give out tools. They told me that the associate who gives out the most tools wins.

After a year and a half doing this I did what most struggling network marketers do and turned to the Internet for advice. I googled other gurus and bought a few training courses. This is when I learned the terms "Funded Proposal" and "Attraction Marketing." I started learning how to attract my own targeted prospects that payed for themselves. I started learning how to make money upfront with my prospects even before they joined my network marketing business. I started learning Pay Per Click marketing strategies, Google Adsense, Article Marketing, Forum Marketing, Video Marketing, Myspace Marketing, and Web 2.0 strategies. The results I got over my first few months were amazing. I started making money everymonth vs. every other month.

The biggest mental shift I had to make was to start seeing myself as an entrepreneur not a distributor. I had to see myself as the CEO of my own company. I had to begin selling myself and my abilities to other people. I had to position myself in the mind of my prospects as someone with integrity who they would want to be involved with in business. Once I started doing this my business changed. Calling prospects was no longer a challenge. Many prospects were calling me.

I focused on 2 to 4 online marketing strategies until I became proficient in using them. I would then add a few more strategies and keep the process going. Starting out I wrote articles and posted them online in many article directories. I also participated in many online forums like richdad.com and magetic sponsoring.com. I created auctions on ebay and posted live video on my blogs, myspace profiles, and youtube. The best part about these strategies is they were all free except for Ebay and Pay Per Click. At ebay I would sell ebooks and post my auctions for $1.10 an auction. I would generate a few targeted prospects per auction. I would then use Pay Per Click and google adwords. I would use highly targeted keywords and keep my cost per click between .30 - .50.

All of these strategies working together was changing my business. I was now getting prospects everyday at will. I would never think of going back to the way I was building my network marketing business in the past. I'm now totally sold on attraction marketing strategies to build my business. If you want to work easier and have more fun in your network marketing business you should begin learning how to use these strategies too.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you would like to learn more about me and are interested in learning some online marketing strategies for free, check out my blog below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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