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             09 December, 2023

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Causes of Obesity

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2008-02-14 05:43:51     
Article by Jonathan Jenkins

Obesity, to put it simply, is a result of an unhealthy diet and a deskbound lifestyle. If food gives you more calories than you burn, the body automatically turns on the storage tanks and stores the fat over your belly and hips.

Eating Habits

Eating habits are the float that brought people to the Island of obesity to begin with. Lacking the time and will to control one's meals, it's only natural for people to gain weight. Add to that not exercising and using your car to get to the supermarket on the block, and you have a fatal condition set loose.


Obesity is not only self-inflicted, but can also be a genetic; inherited from generations of obese family members. In such a case, it is advisable to seek medical consultation and for one to watch their weight constantly.

Junk Food

Being busy is no excuse to resort to fast food. Being at work all the time does not give us the license to eat anything a fast food joint offers at lunchtime. A single burger is worth a whole meal (calorie and fat wise) but the body is clueless to such a fact. Your stomach weighs its fullness by size rather than caloric intake, the result is you eating burger after burger, despite the fact that your body has taken what it needs.

Do you feel like giving up?

Many dieters manage to lose a few pounds, but only to fail miserably within a couple of days. This form of dieting, known as Yo-Yo dieting, ultimately leads to an almost instantaneous regain of weight. Moreover, the more diets tried, the body eventually gets used to the "starvation" and decides to make it a living hell for you to shed a pound.

Not to mention, dieting for long periods of time makes you graze madly in a state known as binge eating. Such deprivation of your favorite foods causes you to suddenly eat like there's no tomorrow. Healthy diets do not deprive you of anything, but fit to your lifestyle. Exercising, a key factor in weight loss will help police the caloric intake and boost your dieting efforts.

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