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             28 January, 2021

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Fat Loss Programs - Why They'll Never Be A Long Term Solution On Their Own

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2008-02-14 05:43:45     
Article by Ian Henman

I don't want to come across as someone who is just going to bash diets. For anyone who is or has used fat loss programs in the past successfully, I applaud you. How ever from my experience it is few and far between those that are able to start a fat loss program lose the weight they want, then keep it off for the long term after they stop follow the diet or program. Why is this? Why do people struggle with keeping fat off long term after they stop follow these programs?

Fat Loss Programs are not designed for long term success

The concept behind weight loss dieting is short term. They're designed to get you the ideal body you dream of as fast as possible. The down side? You don't learn any really lifestyle techniques to lose weight and in turn often return to your old habits once the fat loss program is over.

Most weight loss plans provide you a basic blue print about how to behave and eat for a period of time. This period of time is usually until you hit your target weight, how ever because a lot of these programs don't allow for interesting foods, and are more often then not just bland recipes none of us dare want to stick with them for any length of time. So what's the solution?

Seek out Fat Loss Programs with lifestyle changes

Don't look for programs that just encourage weight loss by eating bland, or cutting out entire types of foods from your diet. Instead seek out systems, books, and diets that help explain why we're over weight, how we handle calories we eat, and what's the healthy way to lose fat. This will not only get you to your goal weight, but it will also give you the required skills needed to maintain that new healthy weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

A few last pointers, most fat loss programs that follow the natural weight loss approach will integrate exercise as a must. We all should be doing exercise 3-4 times per week, how ever rarely do any of us do it. If a diet or program you're considering doesn't push exercise, I suggest you either implement it anyway, or determine why it's not mentioned.

Diet changes will bring us so far but we plateau when it comes to fat loss with diet alone. Exercise is the final straw in developing a toned sexy looking body that most of us dream about, and the reason we strive to lose weight in the first place.

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