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             19 January, 2021

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Herbal Therapy for Endometriosis

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2008-02-14 05:43:11     
Article by Robin Brain

Herbalists make several recommendations for treating the tension, pain, and cramping that accompany endometriosis. Valerian can help soothe frayed nerves and ease pain so you're better able to cope with the disorder. Cramp bark or black haw can often lessen cramping and painful spasms. Black cohosh and wild yam are helpful for balancing hormones. Alfalfa can restore iron supplies if they are low.

Herbal products are available in health food stores as well as some pharmacies and supermarkets. Follow package for specific directions. For specific formulas and advice, talk with a qualified herbalist, and consult your doctor before starting an herbal regimen.


Endometriosis may respond to homeopathic treatment. However, the selection of a remedy-more than one is available-depends on your symptoms and the stage of the condition. Don't try treating this disorder yourself. See a homeopathic professional.


Try alternating hot and cold sitz baths to increase circulation to the pelvic area' improved blood flow can lessen pelvic congestion and pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture This treatment may be used to help lessen the abdominal cramps and lower back pain that often accompany endometriosis. Points utilized may include Stomach 29, Liver 8, and various spleen and bladder points.

Acupressure Acupressure can be very helpful in relieving cramps, backaches, ovarian pain, and other symptoms associated with endometriosis. The points targeted will depend on the patient's specific complaints, although Conception Vessel 6, Spleen 6, and Stomach 36 are often involved, as are various bladder points.

Chinese Herbal Therapy The Chinese herbal formulas White Phoenix Pills, Bupleurum and Tang Gui, Ginseng and Tang Gui Ten, Rehmannia Six, Rehmannia Eight, and Corydalis may be helpful in alleviating the dysmenorrhea caused by endometriosis.

A practitioner typically prescribes tonics to improve the flow of blood and chi, and to strengthen any organs that are thought to be causing the disorder (which can vary from person to person).

Yoga and Meditation

The Locust and Boat poses can tone the, muscles of the spine and pelvic area. Twisting poses and the Cobbler's pose can also be helpful. Do once or twice a day.

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