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             27 June, 2022

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How A Water Aerobic Routine Can Help You

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2008-02-12 05:11:18     
Article by Jacqueline Lloyd

If you have never heard of a water aerobic routine or aquatic exercise, you should know a few things. To begin with, there are a great many benefits that you can gain from a routine such as this. Also, aquatic exercise is superior to other aerobic exercises in that it is low impact. This means that your joints and bones do not take the amount of stress from aquatic exercise that it takes from other kinds of aerobic workouts.

Benefits of Water Aerobic Routines:

• They are low impact, which makes them an ideal exercise for people who suffer with arthritis, those who are undergoing physical therapy, or people who have other types of medical conditions.

• Water offers a natural resistance, so when you move in the water while exercising you have to push against it. This builds and strengthens muscle and burns fat.

• An aerobic exercise routine lasting only 30 minutes can burn up to 300 calories.

• You only have to be in water that is around chest deep, so you are able to perform these exercises even if you are a non-swimmer.

• Water aerobic exercises are thought to relieve stress as well as helping to keep you in shape.

How to Get Started with a Water Aerobic Routine:

To get started with a water aerobic routine, you only need access to a pool. It's a good idea to speak with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to begin a new exercise routine, and get his or her okay to do so. Then, you want to start out slowly with your new routine. This will help you gauge the effects of the exercise on your body and help you understand what amount of exercise to do and how long to stay in the water. Plan very easy workouts to begin with, and keep them at a half an hour to start. Here are some great examples of water aerobic routines that you can begin with.

Water Aerobic Routines:

Water Walking - This is a great exercise to begin with in your water aerobic routine. In around chest deep water, you will walk as you would normally walk on land. You want to try and walk in the water like you would walk briskly on land. Move your arms at your sides while you walk, and you can burn around 250 calories in just a half an hour. This is much more than you would burn just by walking on land.

Leg Flutters - You can perform this by holding on to the side of the pool in deeper water, so that you are able to move your legs without touching the bottom of the pool. Hanging on to the edge, point your toes at the bottom of the pool and move your legs back and forth so that your feet are passing each other going in different directions. You can keep the kicks small, and do this for about 15 minutes. You are also working your arms by hanging on to the side of the pool while you are exercising.

There are many different exercises and workouts that you can add to your beginning water aerobics routine. The benefits are great and you can stay in shape and have fun as well.

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