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             27 September, 2023

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The Truth About Acai Products

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2008-02-11 04:42:01     
Article by Tom Garcin

If you have been shopping around online for super-nutrition products, you could become overwhelmed by the level of information that is available to you, not to mention the sheer volume of products available that claim to be the next great ancient discovery for long life, health and well-being. One particular category of products that receives a lot of attention in this regard lately is Açaí Juice. This article will examine some aspects of the Açaí fruit and attempt to provide some insight into its effectiveness in helping someone to achieve the results promised by super-nutrition products.

If you haven't heard of it before, Açaí Juice is a product of the Açaí Berry, native to tropical Central and South America, from Belize south to Brazil and Peru, growing mainly in floodplains and swamps. The fruit is a small, round, black-purple fleshy fruit about 1 inch in diameter, similar in appearance and size to a grape but with less pulp, is produced in bunches of 700 to 900 fruits. Two crops of fruit are produced per year. The fruit has a single large seed about one-half inch in diameter.

The juice that is produced from the fruit is very dark purple. The texture is a bit grainy, almost like some fiber drinks which is a put off to some who try it. The taste is quite different and you either love it or hate it. Some describe it as a rich berry-cocoa flavor like a chocolate and fruit milkshake.

For many generations users have reported that Açaí fruit has provided a rich source of energy, taste and overall healthful benefits. Today Açaí Juice is becoming more and more popular. Present day users report that it boosts energy level, improves digestive function, improves mental clarity and focus, and promotes sound sleep. Açaí Juice is known to provide all vital vitamins and contains many important minerals and is an extremely powerful fighter of free-radicals. Açaí has very high levels of fiber and helps to cleanse and detoxify the body. It is reported to strengthen the immune system and to enhance sexual desire and performance too.

The juice and pulp of Açaí fruits are frequently used in various juice blends, smoothies, sodas, and other beverages. In northern Brazil, Açaí is traditionally served in gourds called "cuias" with tapioca and sometimes sugar. Açaí has also become popular in southern Brazil where it is consumed cold as Açaí na tigela ("Açaí in the bowl"), mostly mixed with granola - a fad where Açaí is considered as an energizer. Açaí is also widely consumed in Brazil as an ice cream flavor or juice.

The most convenient source of Açaí in the west is the juice which is as easy and convenient to incorporate into your daily diet as any other juice such as apple juice or orange juice but providing tons more antioxidant properties.

While the merits of any product such as Açaí Juice should be evaluated thoroughly by the individual based upon his or her own goals, it does seem to prove to be a safe, easy and effective option in for those seeking a healthful drink to add to their diet.

The author is a student of a variety of health and fitness regimen. Read more about Acai Juice and other health related issues at his website: http://www.acai-juice-reviews.com

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