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USDA's Anti-Aging Research & ROS Study

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2008-02-10 05:32:27     
Article by Denise Richards

According to agricultural research carried out by the United States Department of Agriculture, high ORAC foods reduce the aging process. These findings suggest that eating plenty of high-ORAC fruits and vegetables may help slow the processes associated with aging in both the body and the brain.

According to United States Department of Agriculture Administrator Floyd P. Horn, "If these findings are borne out in further research, young and middle-aged people may be able to reduce risk of diseases of aging, including senility simply by adding high-ORAC foods to their diets".

According to the United States Department of Agriculture's Active Research Services's Studies, eating plenty of high-ORAC foods raised the antioxidant power of human blood by 10 to 25 percent. In a controlled scientific study on rats they discovered the following. High ORAC foods prevented some loss of long-term memory and learning ability in middle-aged rats. They maintained the ability of brain cells in middle-aged rats to respond to a chemical stimulus, a function that normally decreases with age. Finally high ORAC foods also protected the rats' tiny blood vessel capillaries against oxygen damage.

Proleva is made solely from highly concentrated antioxidant rich foods. It simplies nutrient intake and you can add it or substitute it at times with your daily antioxidant intake.

ROS Study: Report - Inhibition of ROS formation by Proleva Objective: To evaluate whether the reportedly high ORAC value of this product translates into a physiological effect in a cell-based assay.

Background for this study: Oxidative stress is a condition in cells which is characterized by an excess of reactive oxygen species (ROS). An excess of these molecules leads to oxidative damage which plays a role in many disease processes. Many products are marketed to help combat oxidative damage, often relying on a standardized ORAC value for marketing claims. The ORAC test is a chemical assay that measures the capacity for neutralization of oxygen radicals.

Assay principle: Based on standard immunological assays, we have modified an existing method for measurement of ROS production to study natural products with respect to their ability to inhibit ROS formation in a cell-based assay. This method may supplement a standard ORAC test by documenting an anti-inflammatory effect in a cellular system. The method is based on challenging human cells with an inflammatory stimuli to produce damaging reactive oxygen radicals. Changes in the oxidative stress level in each cell is monitored by a ROS-sensitive dye, DCF-DA. The colorless precursor to this dye is able to penetrate cells, and only after exposure to free oxygen radicals is it transformed to a fluorescent molecule that is retained inside the cells. The amount of fluorescence inside a given cell is proportionate to the amount of oxygen radicals produced inside the cell after the cell has encountered an inflammatory stimulus. A reduction in fluorescence in cells pre-loaded with a natural product is an indication of a protective effect of the natural product against reactive oxygen species.

Method: Freshly purified human neutrophils were preincubated with a botanical extract over a wide range of dilutions, loaded with DCF-DA, and then challenged with a high dose of hydrogen peroxide to induce severe oxidative stress. Intracellular levels of DFC-DA fluorescence intensity in untreated versus challenged cells, in the presence versus absence of the test product, were analyzed by flow cytometry. A standard curve of DCF-DA fluorescence intensity as a result of treatment with known amounts of hydrogen peroxide was used to produce an estimation of the effectiveness of a given natural product in terms of quenched hydrogen peroxide molecules.

An extract of the test product was prepared by adding 0.5g of the test product to a 5 mL of phosphate buffered saline. This mixture was vortexed repeatedly and allowed to sit at room temperature for 1 hour. Prior to use, undissolved particles were removed by centrifugation and subsequent filtration. This liquid was used to prepare a series of 100 fold dilutions of the test product. Aliquots of these dilutions were applied to the neutrophils, and then incubated at 37oC for 90 minutes. Following a wash to remove botanicals and other compounds that interfere with the oxidation marker, cells were loaded with 10 mM DC-FDA (Molecular Probes, Eugene OR) for 1 hour at 37oC. All samples, except for the untreated control samples, were then exposed to 167 mM H2O2 for a period of 45 minutes to induce severe oxidative stress. Samples were washed to remove the peroxide, and transferred to cold RPMI, and stored on ice in preparation for immediate analysis by flow cytometry.

Data was collected in triplicate for controls, and duplicate for each sample concentration. Results are expressed as a percent of the average, background corrected, response for that particular assay. Dose levels are reported in volumetric parts per billion. Statistical significance was determined using Student's test.

ROS Study Conclusion

Proleva demonstrated an unexpectedly extreme inhibitory effect on the ROS formation in human neutrophil cells. Testing a very wide serial dilution range of Proleva showed a steady increase in ROS inhibitory effect at lower doses. At no point did ROS formation reach the baseline levels of neutrophil cells challenged in the absence of antioxidant extracts. At a dose of 0.001 parts per quadrillion, Proleva showed a dramatic inhibition of the oxidative stress caused by the peroxide challenge.

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