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Important Features to Look For In a Coffee Maker

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2008-02-07 06:22:23     
Article by Victor Thomas

A coffee machine has become a very useful and important device in many homes. Many like to chill and relax with a cup of coffee, of their favourite make and taste. Now this can be made available easily, with the quality of the taste getting only better, with a coffee maker! There are many types, shapes and sizes of coffee makers in the market now. Certain factors have to be taken care of, while choosing coffee makers.

One of the main features that a coffee maker should have is the "Pause and Serve" feature. This allows the coffee pot to be removed from the stand, even before the complete coffee is dropped into it, and also without spilling it all over and making the whole place messy. This is a useful feature as the valve closes when the coffee pot is removed.

The latest in-thing in coffee makers is being pod compatible. A pod is a little prepacked disc of coffee powder which makes coffee easily and does not create a mess. Some models also come with a facility of using both pods and loose coffee powder. Also coffee makers have many digital controls in it that make it easier and effective to use. Features like LCD display, timer, if the time has to be set manually, a clock, auto switch-off feature; this reduces the energy usage. If the machine also has lighted buttons, then it would be more useful to view it in the darkness as well.

Some hi-fi machines have water filter that takes off the chlorine and iron tastes from the tap water. This is quite a good addition, but the maintenance costs and repair costs increase, and so is an expensive process. Also adding a permanent coffee filter to the machine, in case it does not have one, is also a good option. It is better to go for a metal or plastic mesh, as they prove more useful than a paper filter, which leaves a paper taste as well to the coffee.

Some machines also come with a coffee grinder attachment. This grinds the coffee seeds for instant use, thus giving fresh and strong flavoured coffee. This can be a very good feature for those who love drinking fresh coffee with that perfect aroma. However, it is expensive, but is definitely worth the cost.

Coffee machines are the perfect way to make a fresh, perfect cup of coffee for all the coffee lovers out there! Simple to use, available in interesting shapes and different sizes, they are definitely a must-have in all households.

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