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             08 June, 2023

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Eye of the North New Game Features

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2008-01-31 05:38:54     
Article by Tom Kranz

Eye of The North is the first true expansion ins the Guild Wars Series of PC Games. As with the other installments of the series, Guild Wars: Eye of the North has absolutely no monthly subscription fees. The unique thing about Eye of the North is that it can act as an expansion to any of the 3 standalone Guild Wars products. Guild Wars: Eye of the North takes place just about 6 years after the Prophecies installment. 3 Years after the Nightfall campaigns, and 8 years after the Searing story.

Items & Characters:

40 New Armor Styles.
Numerous non-set and set-profession-specific armor items.
100 New Skills Specific to Profession.
50 PvE skills.
10 additional heroes (1 per profession).

New Animals capable of charming (Mountain Eagle, Raven, White Wolf, White Moa, Black Wolf, Polar Bear, Albino Rat, White Crab, Iguana, and Rainbow Phoenix).

Guild Wars Eye of the North Maps:

Guild Wars Eye of the North Map shares the same world map with Guild Wars Prophecies. Eye of the North brings new maps for dungeons to the table. Dungeons maps are blank until you've completely discovered them. Until then you must rely on the semi-accurate maps that you can find near the entrance of any particular dungeon that will help you navigate to dungeon bosses, dungeon keys, and doors.

Dungeons play a much bigger role in Eye of the North compared to previous titles. Even the Eye of the North maps have been upgraded to accommodate the new map features.

The Hall of Monuments:
In the Hall of Monuments you can save achievements, titles, weapons, armors, and other character information. This feature is presumed to be put in place so those who want to hold onto their characters when Guild Wars 2 eventually releases can do so.

New Story Arcs:
Eye of the North features 4 new story arcs. Asura Title Track, Deldrimor Title Track, Ebon Vanguard Title Track, Norn Title Track, and the Master of the North Title Track. The Depths of Tyria have 18 dungeons alone. The game ends with the defeat of the Great Destroyer.

Mini Games:
3 New Mini Games (Dwarven Boxing, Polymock, and The Norn Fighting Tournament). Each game will reward the winner with different amounts of reputation, experience, and items.

Eye of The North makes a great expansion to the Guild Wars series. GW:EN brings multiple new styles of game play to the Guild Wars world, as well as hours upon hours of extra game play. Eye of the North gives a sneak peak of whats to come from Guild Wars 2.

Tom Kranz is a an avid player of Eye of the North, the expansion to the award winning Guild Wars. Follow the links for more information on Eye of the North maps and Guild Wars gold.

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