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             31 October, 2020

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Going Wireless With Satellite Internet

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2008-01-27 04:39:14     
Article by Elijah Gardena

Satellite Internet access is the only reliable answer for the more than 30 million people that want to go wireless but still can't receive high speed Internet access through DSL or cable broadband. There are many advantages of going wireless when you are using an internet service. It's much easier to network your home or office computers with this system. One of the greatest benefits of wireless access is that you are no longer attached to a router with a cable. You can move your desktop or laptop computer anywhere around your office or home within the broadcast range of the wireless router. One of the other major benefits is the fact that multiple computers can access the internet at the same time. The entire office staff or members of your family can have simultaneous internet access. Many people that work from home or run home-based businesses prefer wireless access. Imagine a work day spent lounging by the pool while you tap away on your keyboard from the comfort of your favorite deck chair.

After subscribing to satellite service for internet access, you need to purchase a wireless router and hook it up to the satellite modem. Satellite services are normally broadband services. For the most part these work seamlessly with wireless networking equipment that has most often been used to create wireless networks for land based broadband internet services. The next step to take is to outfit your computer with a wireless networking card if did not already come with the built in capability.

Once you have your Satellite Internet system has been set up and tested by an installation technician you will be ready to connect your wireless network. You can now connect your satellite internet modem to the router by following the instructions that came with the router. The router will then begin to transmit signals to your desktop or laptop computer via infrared signals. You will need to configure your router according the instructions that came with your router. Once this is done, you are free to start surfing the internet with no strings (or wires) attached.

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