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             17 May, 2021

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How to Spot Fake Jewelry

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2008-01-05 07:04:09     
Article by Susana Gormen

You are walking to your car in the parking lot of a casino and a nice, well dressed middle aged lady approaches you, removes a heavy gold chain from her neck and offers to sell it to you for a hundred bucks. She tells you that she just lost the money that her husband had given her to put in the bank and needs to try to win it back.

You look at the chain and it is stamped 18K and is easily worth ten times the amount that this desperate compulsive gambler is asking. Should you buy it? If you do you will probably be the third mark she has suckered that night. Shes not a compulsive gambler and the 18K chain is not real either.

Fake gold chains that are stamped 14K and 18K can be bought on the Internet now. They even come in great looking counterfeit jewelry boxes as well. How do you avoid being taken by this scam? Its simple. Don't buy gold jewelry from strangers off the street, because without exception in will be a fake.

Even designer jewelry is counterfeited now with an authentic stamp on it and that goes for any type of designer jewelry. Another common item that is passed off as being the genuine article is fake Rolex watches. It too may come in a box and will also always come with some type of story of how the seller is in desperate need of quick cash.

How can you tell a fake Rolex from the genuine article? Its simple, because the second hand on a fake Rolex will move with a "tick" while the second hand on a real Rolex "sweeps" smoothly. If the seller of any jewelry is unwilling to go to a jeweler to have the piece looked at before you buy it then you can bet it is a fake.

Written by Susana Gormen. Find the latest information on David Yurman Imitation Necklaces as well as David Yurman Imitation Pendants

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