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             19 May, 2022

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What Ecommerce Software Has to Offer

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2006-07-29 22:17:36     
Article by Halstatt Pires

Setting up a website can seem a daunting task to many of us. Not everyone is proficient at building stunning, effective and dynamic websites; but if you have a product or a service to sell, then having your own website utilizing ecommerce software is one of the most fruitful methods of making sales.

What Ecommerce Software Has to Offer

Selling your product online means there are no geographic limitations. You can sit in your lounge in Texas and sell your home-knitted scarves to people living in Japan. The costs of setting up your business are comparatively non-existent. You don’t need to purchase or rent a shop. You don’t need to pay for decoration, you will undoubtedly be using less staff and the only utility bills are bills you would usually pay at your own home anyway.

About Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce software is any software used on your website to help customers easily shop and pay for their items easily, safely and quickly. In recent years, one of the many advances of the Internet has been the increase in publicity surrounding Internet security. It is absolutely imperative that as well as a good crisp and clean looking website you also offer and display high security on all of your online payments. If you don’t you will undoubtedly lose customers and money.

Shopping Carts and Payments - The Essential Items

If you’ve done any shopping online, you will have probably come across shopping carts of varying levels of quality. When considering ecommerce software you need to pick shopping cart software for your site that is user friendly, stable and fits the design of your site. You should ensure that it can be used on any operating system and as many browsers as possible. Don’t forget that not everyone uses Internet Explorer.

When a visitor is looking around your site at the items you have to offer, you are perhaps hoping that they will make a purchase. Making the buying process easy for them will encourage them to do that. An ‘Add To Cart’ button is virtually standard on any ecommerce site now, and clicking on this button should take you to a simple but effective looking shopping cart page. Shoppers should be able to select how many items they want and then add that to basket. Once they have selected that item, it may be a good idea to take them back to the page they were last on, encouraging them to continue shopping and spending more money.


Everybody loves a good deal, and Internet shoppers are by no means different. Try to make sure that your ecommerce software allows you to give discounts under certain circumstances. Perhaps, a 10% discount for anyone spending over $200. Recent ecommerce software offering shopping carts will give you both product level and order level discount options, so you can have sale items as well as spend dependant discounts.

The Bottom Line

If you want to set up an ecommerce website, you will have to get some shopping cart software. Most surfers will simply look for another site if you don’t give them the options they expect.

A good shopping cart will give you plenty of options and the opportunity to offer discounts and sale items. A reputable ecommerce software company will, at thevery least, give you detailed instructions on installing this software onto your site and how to use it. Choose wisely.

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