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             14 May, 2021

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Walking the Talk

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2007-12-31 05:57:15     
Article by Nancy Lowery

If January is about promise, then December is about summary. Traditionally a time for considering others, December also provides the opportunity to reflect on the values we have held near and dear through the year. The renewal of January builds on what we have fulfilled and recognises what we have yet to achieve.

Values guide us, they are the foundation of the talk we walk. We include the discussion of beliefs in The Natural Leader programs because horses are very clear on what they value. A horse is keenly aware of those around them, attuned to the most minute of changes in their environment, a horse values their life. This simple principle guides a horses' every action, one could say they are unwavering in their belief.

While domestication has removed many of the threats to a horses' survival, humans can easily become their predator through our actions. The more focused we are on an outcome the more likely the horse will revert to their basic instinct. No matter how our emotions or actions may fluctuate, a horse remains true to what they value.

Leaders we admire are those with that level of commitment. Someone of principle, one who can look through the emotion and is willing to stand up for what they believe.

"You must authentically communicate your beliefs in ways that uniquely represent who you are. You must interpret the lyrics and shape them into your own singular presentation so that others recognize that you're the one who's speaking and not someone else." Kouzes & Posner, The Leadership Challenge

When we recognize where our intention overrides awareness and our values are not demonstrated through our actions, we control the predator side of our nature. We will simply see it as a moment to change something in ourselves, clarify our intention and begin again. When we can knowingly say that what we did, how we acted and what we demonstrated reflected what we truly value, the reward is intrinsic.

Your leadership style reflects the unique you, that understanding comes from knowing what is important. If December resonates that for you, then writing the lyrics for the talk you walk in the New Year will be an easy task indeed.

Nancy Lowery - Nancy recognised that much of what she learned about leading people in the workplace she learned from her horses - a learning that translated into the launch of The Natural Leader in 2004. The Natural Leader offers leadership, communication, team and self-awareness learning through the metaphor of the horse.


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URL: http://www.thenaturalleader.ca/
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