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Defensive Driving Tip - How to Deal With Anger

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2007-12-30 06:19:25     
Article by Dee Cohen

Today people have lots of tensions and jump in their cars after a fight with a spouse, an embarrasing work presentation or a disappointing phone call. This makes someone more prone to negative reactions while driving. A defensive driving tip to keep in mind is that people that are driving around you can be in the midst of an inner struggle. Keep this in mind all the time! If someone is very stressed out their way to deal with anger may be to have a drink or do a drug before jumping in the car. This makes driving also hazardous.

If you want an effective driving tip, try to stay away from someone weaving in and out of traffic, flashing their lights, honking easily or speeding. Don't try to teach these people a lesson as this can become a battle of wills. Driving is not the time to get into lots of blame or fault finding. Accept that people are in their cars going through their own stuff and that people will be careless, rude at times and even aggressive.

Don't engage with someone in the next lane who is trying to pick a fight. Avoiding eye contact at that point is useful if you can see someone is being aggressive and acting upset. Keep your distance, don't take it personally and just remember that the value of safety is a very important defensive driving tip.

Do you find that sometimes it's you that can become the aggressor or the one who easily is irritatable while driving? There are some easy to learn anger management tips that will have nice results in all areas of your life, including driving. It is just a matter of practice so don't feel discouraged or think you have to live with this. There are simple breathing techniques and ways to replace negative statements with healthier ones that can transform your driving experience as well as feelings of range or irritations in family interactions, work meetings and daily life situations. These are not hard to master and you will find that it gives you more joy each day because you aren't occupying yourself with thoughts of retaliation, resentment or bitterness.

Learn How to Deal with Anger with simple techniques that will help you master interpersonal relationships, work stress reduction and daily conflict areas. Stop by http://www.elegantbank.com/roadrage.html for tips that will reduce road rage and increase your daily calmness.

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