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Learn English As A Foreign Language

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2007-12-24 06:08:42     
Article by Aaron Kuroiwa

Why should you learn English as a Foreign Language? First of all if you are living in a English speaking country than the benefits are obvious. You can get a better job, find better deals on things you need to purchase and feel more comfortable getting around town. So here are some basic steps you can take to start learning English. Also, a short list of things to remember and study.

1. Make a List - Write down all of things that you think you need to work on. Now put them in order of importance. Make time goals for each one and start checking them off. Make your goals achievable and small. You can come back and work on it more later.

2. Just Speak - if you want to speak English stop being shy and self conscious. Start by speaking with your coworkers or at the store when you are purchasing something. The more you speak the better you will get.

3. Copy Cat - Start imitating everything you hear from a native English speaker. Watch movies and replay scenes until you can say one phrase just like the actor. Then try and do the whole scene. This will help you practice your rhythm, pronunciation and accent.

4. Believe in your self - If you are determined to succeed then you will. One of the most important factors of learning a foreign language is motivation. If you are willing to give up after one failure or 2 weeks of trying then you will never succeed. Think about how long it took you to learn your native language. It wasn't over night. So be patient and stay determined.

Author: Aaron Kuroiwa is the owner of Le Tutor Language School in Phoenix, Arizona where you can learn English, TOEFL test prep and accent reduction lessons are available.

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