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             14 May, 2021

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Road Traffic Accident, Va Va Doom

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2006-07-28 22:03:56     
Article by safemode

A people carrier, 0 – 60 in 5 seconds! Actually to be exact, it takes a handful of people to complete your road traffic accident compensation in 5 steps.

Below is a brief outline of the steps carried out.

1. Claim online or call a free phone number

2. Speak to a consultant from a Law Society approved firm

3. Sign and return the paperwork sent

4. Attend a medical examination if need be

5. Sign the release of your compensation claim money

Here's a number 6 to your car accident claim so that you can spend your money.

Road Traffic Accident Claim Details

1. Claiming online is very simple if you have an email address. Fill in the blanks and submit your application. Many firms have resorted to the Internet as it’s a successful medium to interact with their customers. Or if you don’t have an email address you can call a free phone number and provide some basic details. Some firms don’t have a free phone number so you’ll have to beware for who you use.

2. You will need to speak to a consultant regardless. There are reasons for this. One you’ll know there are real people behind the company and secondly they will know you are serious about making an accident claim. You will be asked questions about the accident, the how, when, who and where. So don’t feel interrogated as theses questions are compulsory in order to purse a claim.

3. Some documentations will be sent to you, to sign and return. If there is something that you don’t understand then simply ring the number attached to the form. The main outset is 100% compensation. Meaning you don’t pay anything if you win or lose. After documents are signed return them in the stamped address envelope and post them.

4. In order to assess your compensation amount, you might need to attend a medical examination. This is basically where a medical consultant will assess your injuries that occurred from the accident. You may also need to travel some distance, however keep your receipt of travel and this can also be reimbursed to you.

5. Soon after you will receive some final documentations, outlining your compensation monies. Sign the documents and it won’t be long before you receive a cheque at your doorstep.

6. This is the final step, where you can spend the money where ever you please. No money should be deducted and should all be placed in your hand.

It is very likely that some car accident claims, referred to as whiplash claims can be settled within 3 – 4 months. However in order for this to happen you need to assist the personal injury solicitor every step of the way.

So now you can see there really isn’t much to it when claiming compensation for a road traffic accident.

Take the 5 steps and va va voom to the finish line.

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