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             15 August, 2020

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Ben Hogan - Stack and Tilt and Connection

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2007-12-12 06:14:05     
Article by Douglas Kercher

Does anyone agree that Hogan is a great model for the swing?

If so, check out your book of Modern Fundamentals or do a search for Hogan stuff on youtube. You will see that he turns level at the start, he said you feel as if you are pushing your feet into the ground.

Then he tilts. If you keep turning level, your head and spine are forced up. He said the right elbow stays in the same relationship to the right hip until halfway back. The tilt of the shoulders allows this to happen.

Then the left arm rotates to the top. You will feel your chin touch the top of your left shoulder. Hogan wore a hole in his golf shirts doing this.

When you rotate the left arm, the right elbow will point to the ground. The arms stay connected to the upper chest.

If you do this properly, you will see your core rotates about 6 inches (to move the club a metre), your shoulders tilt about 6 inches (again the club moves a metre), and then your left arm moves about 2 feet. There is a rotation of the arm as the clubface begins to open.

Fairdinkum, if you are trying to do anything in your downswing except hit the ball, you are making compensations. And you will be inconsistent.

From a great top of the backswing position, you can just perform a natural throw down the plane to the ball. Once again, Hogan demonstrates a sidearm throw and a 2 handed basketball pass. A powerful throw is initiated by the shoulder. You can help that throw by helping it with the right knee going toward the ball. On the downswing, Ben Hogan said his forearms were rotating and he wished he had three right hands to hit the ball.

If your spine is not tilted correctly, the downward throw will not cause the hips to shift laterally. BUT you have to be in good position at the top. Elkington said, at the top, your backswing position is exactly right or completely wrong.

The snt guys have offered something pretty good but they are missing the first part, therefore they have to compensate on the downswing. Great if you have a lot of time to practice. Jimmy Ballard, who developed the connection theory, had some profound things to say about the pivot, but I had two problems with his advice. One was to bend the left arm to keep the left elbow down (I would get narrow at times and a little shut). Also loading into the right side laterally (ala Curtis Strange) made me get ahead of it (causing blocks).

Hope this helps, Doug

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