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             27 February, 2021

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The Major Problem Remains

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2007-12-11 04:13:55     
Article by Corey Norman

The six BCS conferences have voted to expand the pool of BCS at-large candidates from 14 to 18, according to ESPN.com. This new rule only comes into effect if, and when, there are not enough teams to fill the 10 BCS Championship slots among the top 14 teams.

SEC Commissioner and BCS coordinator Mike Slive said conference leaders realized half-way through the season that there was a possibility that there would not be enough at-large teams eligible at the end of the season. Slive also commented, saying that BCS officials were determined to make as few changes in the qualification criteria as possible, and they never considered allowing three teams within one conference to receive a BCS bid. In a phone interview with the AP, Slive explained that "none of the criteria for at-large teams should change, except for the place in the standings."

According to the current rules, the champions from the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-10, and the SEC all receive automatic BCS bids, with the top 2 teams playing against each other for the National Championship. However, teams from the other 5 conferences receive an automatic bid only if they finish within the top 12 in the final standings, or ranked in the top 16 and higher than one of the champions from a BCS conference. With that, no more than one team from a non-BCS conference can receive an automatic berth in a season.

If, however, no teams from any of the non-BCS conferences meet the criteria, then the last four spots can be filled by teams that won at least 9 games and finished in the top 14. As well, only two teams from one BCS conferences can play in the BCS bowl games.

This new rule, in my personal opinion, does not fix many of the problems the BCS has. Yes, it does solve the problem of not having enough teams to play in bowl games, but aren't there enough of those anyway? In addition, the BCS system itself is the problem that needs fixed. Everybody knows that the system has its tendencies to rob even the most of worthiest teams a chance at the National Championship. The perfect example of that would date back just a few years, when Oklahoma slipped in the BCS Championship game by a sliver of a point over Auburn, and ended up getting slaughtered by USC. That could have been different if the Tigers were in the game, not the Sooners. In order to fix the problem that is known as the BCS, the NCAA needs to give the people a playoff system, and make America happy, for once.

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