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Kids Christmas Crafts - Wrapping It Up

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2007-11-26 05:26:36     
Article by Lyn Bell

Christmas is just around the corner and time to think of gifts for family and friends. I've always found that making gifts is so much more satisfying and enjoyable than spending lots of money so why not encourage the kids to make their own gifts? The making of kids Christmas crafts means them using their imagination and having fun, something that most kids enjoy.

There's no need to stop at making the gift -- why not make the wrapping paper too? Here you will find a few ideas on wrapping those special gifts.

Bubble Wrap Paper:

You will need bubble wrap packaging, butcher paper, tape, thick paintbrush, paint with a few drops of liquid dish wash.

Tape the bubble wrap on a flat surface. Paint the wrap in various colors. While still wet lay the butcher wrap over the bubble wrap to transfer the colors. Lift carefully and allow it to dry.

Salty Wrap:

For this you will need butcher paper, cookie cutters in Christmas shapes, glue (in a saucer or plate) and salt.

Spread the butcher paper out flat. Dip the cookie cutter into the glue and place on the paper to create a glue print. Using a spoon sprinkle the salt on the glue areas, gently move the paper to scatter the salt. Allow to dry and pour off excess salt. You can also pretty up a plain roll of foil paper this way.

Print Wrap:

Materials required: butcher paper, Christmas print stamps, cookie cutters and paint.

Stamp the paper with Christmas theme stamps and use the cookie cutters dipped in paint to make other designs.

Hand crafted gifts made with someone special in mind are always precious. What better way to display the kids Christmas crafts than wrapping them up in hand designed paper.

Lyn Bell has been in the finance industry for more than 30 years and is a Certified Financial Planner. Arts and crafts is one of her hobbies which she enjoys sharing with others. Kids Christmas craft ideas to fill the wrapping can be found at http://hubpages.com/hub/KidsChristmasCrafts . For more craft ideas for kids visit http://craftideasforkids.weebly.com/ and http://artsandcraftsforkids.weebly.com/

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