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             03 December, 2021

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2006 Fantasy Football Top 25 Quarterbacks

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2006-07-26 02:52:17     
Article by Dave Buick

Dave Buick's Top 25 Quarterbacks &
How They Might Act at your Party in the Park

Hey party people, it's Dave Buick again writing just after the sunrise. Here's a little map for you to use when scouting quarterbacks for your fantasy football league's draft.

1. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts, Cool - Shotgun beers with this guy.

2. Tom Brady, New England Patriots, Cool - Party with this guy.

3. Carson Palmer, Cincinatti Bengals, Uncool - Injury concerns but ould definitely pull off cool.

4. Matt Hasselback, Seattle Seahawks, Cool- Has decent receivers and is in a high powered offense but has a tendency to disappear for a while in the middle of your party.

5. Eli Manning, New York Giants, Cool- This junior is starting to drink with the big boys.

6. Marc Bulger, St. Louis Rams, Cool- Pass happy hippy Mike Marz is gone, but new dad Linehan likes to throw as well.

7. Jake Delhomme, Carolina Panthers,Cool- The most underrated partier in the league.

8. Drew Bledsoe, Dallas Cowboys, Cool- A lot hinges on the new "star"ting receiver's tendency to puke at parties.

9. Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles, Uncool- Used to walk around proud at parties, now has trouble getting into locked doors.

10. Ben Rothlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers, Uncool- This guy can hang, but his fantasy football statistics could be more desirable.

11. Trent Green, Kansas City Chiefs, Cool- Often overlooked, always has a beer in his hand.

12. Daute Culpepper, Miami Dolphins, Uncool - Uncool because of injury concerns but this guys behavior at parties is legendary - could be a steal.

13. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints, Uncool- Injuries place him here as well but has the talent.

14. Micheal Vick, Atlanta Falcons, Uncool- This guy used to be the party, now no one wants to drink next to him.

15. Jake Plummer, Denver Broncos, Cool - Plummer's tolerance drops in January which has sent him sliding down fantasy football draft boards but his 2005 statistics were decent.

16. Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers,Uncool - Hey, who doesn't want to party with Brett Favre? If your fantasy football league subtracts for interceptions don't even think about drafting him.

17. Kurt Warner, Arizona Cardinals, Uncool- This guy passes out in the park all the time.

18. Aaron Brooks, Oakland Raiders, Uncool- Who knows what he's going to do? Throwing to Moss might make him worth a backup flyer by any fantasy football manager.

19. Mark Brunell, Washington Redskins, Cool - This guys fridge is stocked with S. Moss, Randle-El and Cooley, especially for late in your fantasy football draft.

20. Jon Kitna, Detroit Lions, Cool - Kitna could come out of nowhere and party the hardest at your kegger in the park with that well dressed hippy Mike Marz calling plays.

21. Byron Leftwich, Jacksonville Jaguars, Uncool- Leftwich hasn't really progressed as much as most people thought and his backup, David Gerrard, might be cooler than him.

22. Steve McNair, Baltimore Ravens, Uncool-It's been years since this guy made it past midnight.

23. Brad Johnson, Minnesota Vikngs, Cool- Johnson only threw 4 interceptions last year while tossing 12 touchdowns in just 10 games. He's been partying for years.

24. Chris Simms, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Uncool- If the cops show up, hide him in the bushes.

25. Phillip Rivers, San Diego Chargers, Uncool- Since he's never been to a real kegger in the park, who knows, but he's showing up with some cool dudes in Tomlinson and Gates

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